Ministry Teams

CSB Campus Ministry offers a wide variety of programs. Our ministry teams include Liturgy (LIT), Alternative Break Experiences (ABE), Faith Communities (FAC), Lantinx Ministries (LAX), Spirituality and Social Justice (SSJ), and Interfaith Leadership (ILT).

Alternative Break Experiences (ABE)

ABE works hard to provide meaningful service trips for students. We firmly believe that exposure to other cultures, places, and ways of life will enhance the lives and perspectives of trip participants. Each year, we strive to provide quality experiences that will complement academic experiences and inspire hearts.

Faith Communities (FAC)

The Faith Communities Ministry of CSB believes that people of all faiths and backgrounds are created in love, to give and receive love.  By joining peoples of all faiths in community, we seek to bring greater understanding and peace to our campuses and the world.  Through respectful dialogue, faith sharing, and prayer and fellowship, we explore the strengths of our common values and the richness of our differences so that we may better understand ourselves and others.

Liturgy (LIT)

Our love for God is lived out in love for our neighbor. Our love for God is expressed through our community, worship, hospitality, outreach, and stewardship. Our relationships are nourished and sustained by grace and sacramental living. Liturgical ministers prepare campus liturgies and involve students, faculty, and staff in various ministries from music and dance to proclaiming the Word and distributing the Eucharist. Student liturgical ministers are an integral part of Campus Ministry.

Spirituality and Social Justice (SSJ)

Spirituality and Social Justice (SSJ) is a ministry grounded in Gospel Values and Catholic Social Teaching, dedicated to raising awareness of and advocating for social justice issues in our society. Based on our belief that all people are created equal, in the image of God, and on our rich history of Catholic Social teaching, we seek to shine a light on the many injustices facing our society, and work together to find ways to restore humanity and dignity to each individual in our communities. We do this through programming designed to engage students in dialogue, learning, and volunteer service. We hope you will join us as we seek to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly together!

Interfaith Leadership Team (ILT)

Interfaith Leadership (ILT) is a ministry which brings together students from all different religious and spiritual backgrounds, not just Christian, to create programming and events where students of all faith walks can come together and learn about each other’s faiths and religions. We host dialogue groups, book discussions, and service opportunities as well. CSB Campus Ministry is committed to diversity and inclusion in all of its programming, and our goal is to provide a community which supports the spirituality of every single Bennie. Regardless of your religious background, we hope you will join us as we seek to come together and learn from each other through mutual respect and understanding for different religions and faiths. All are welcome!