What is CERTS?






The CERTS team is a student/staff partnership designed to facilitate honest, open conversation regarding sexual health issues in order to foster healthy, safe decisions around sex and an environment that does not tolerate, accept or condone sexual activity without consent.

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Bystander Intervention

To truly be campuses with healthy and caring attitudes and practices and have a culture that is civil, respectful, and non-violent, we need community members who are ready, willing and able to intervene in inappropriate, high risk, or problematic situations.  Engaging community members in intervening is the goal of the one-hour CSB/SJU bystander intervention program. 

This program is being offered by the CERTS (Consent, Equality, Respect, Talking, Safety) Student Health Promotion Team. 

If you would like to set-up a CERTified presentation, contact the CERTS team via e-mail at certs@csbsju.edu.