Summer Collaborative Grant

The Summer Collaborative Grant is facilitated by the Undergraduate Research Program. CSB/SJU has committed to funding a total of 13 summer projects from a wide range of student-faculty collaborative teams.  These funds are available to ALL disciplines and are distinct from traditional departmental lines held by each department. The goal of the program is to provide student collaborators with a meaningful research or creative work experience and high-quality mentorship. It is the intent that these projects fit into a student’s 10 week summer availability and that mentorship takes place within a scholarly context throughout the entire execution of the project and be a formative process.

Part of our Summer Collaborative Grant is dedicated to two speciality grants for 2022: the Interdisciplinary Faculty Collaborative Grant and DEI Collaborative Grants:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Collaborative Grants: AS CSB/SJU have embraced the importance of embedding DEI in our institutions, Undergraduate Research is committed to exploring DEI in research and creative work. Two lines of our Summer Collaborative Grant will be dedicated to projects with an emphasis on diveristy, equity, and/or inclusion. 
  • Interdisciplinary Faculty Collaborative Grants: This grant will fund two faculty and two students to collaborate on an interdisciplinary research project;  We are excited about this opportunity as we believe it supports the mission of Undergraduate Research and CSB/SJU as liberal arts and sciences institutions. As always, faculty from all disciplines are eligible and encouraged to apply.

All grants provide $6000 funding for a stipend for a full-time student collaborator (40 hours per week for 10 weeks). After projects are approved, students may also apply for support through the UR Grant Program.  Faculty mentors are eligible to apply for the faculty stipend of $1,500.

Students are encouraged to approach faculty that they are interested in collaborating with on a project. 

We are now accepting applications for Summer 2022! The application deadline is Janurary 21, 2022.