More Details

The Hive at CSBSJU is powered by Starfish from EAB.  The Hive is a cloud-based software package that facilitates communication among academic advisers, faculty/instructors, students, and others who are here to support student learning. The Hive is the central platform for advising notes, progress surveys, success plans, and online scheduling with instructors, advisors and campus services.

Roles and Relationships

The Hive is a role and relationship driven system. Each role in the Hive creates a relationship to a set of students (e.g., students enrolled in a course). That relationship is active for a particular time frame (e.g., the semester that course is offered). To use the Hive, users must be in a role in the Hive with at least one active relationship to a student.

Visibility of Information in The Hive

Information from Banner and Canvas are imported nightly to the Hive. Student, faculty, and staff demographic information, course affiliation, advising assignments, and Canvas current grade always reflect a snapshot from the previous day. Users can only see students with whom they are in an active relationship through a role in The Hive. 


Appointments in the Hive can be viewed on an Outlook calendar if a user chooses to have The Hive send appointments back to their Outlook Calendar. 

Privacy and Records in The Hive 

Please be sure to be familiar with and privacy notice for The Hive as well as the Registrar's website regarding all records and Privacy at CSBSJU.

System Maintenance 

Hobson's performs monthly maintenance on The HIVE (Starfish) system. During this time, users will be logged out of the system. There is no outage expected but users may lose in-progress work if they get logged out. Maintenance windows are on the third Tuesday of every month from Tuesday at 11:59pm - Wednesday at 3:59am ET.