Proxy Instructions for Online Timesheets


Instructions to access Banner Web Self Service: 

  1. Go to CSB/SJU homepage: 
  2. Choose Tools
  3. Choose Employee Self Service
  4. Click on appropriate link

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To approve time sheets:

  • Log into Banner Self Service
  • Choose “Employee”
  • In Employee Dashboard under “My Activities” on the right-hand side, click “Approve Time”

  • Choose “Proxy Super User" in the top right corner

  • Under "Act as a Proxy for," choose the name of the person you are acting as a proxy for and click "Navigate to Time & Leave Approvals application."

  • This will take you to the student timesheets that need to be approved. See the supervisor webtime page for complete directions for how to view and approve student timesheets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a proxy you may have the same questions as supervisors. Click here to view the Supervisor Frequently Asked Questions.