Student Employment Orientation Answers

Thank you for submitting the Student Employment Orientation Quiz.  Please use the answer key below to correct any mistakes you may have made.  The correct answers are accompanied by a short description.

  1. Have you found a job?

    Yes - If you have not already done so, complete a Notification of Hiring (NOH) form.  If you were placed in a job you do not need to complete the NOH.

    No - You can access the job postings at:

  2. True or False:  As a student employee, you must read the student employment handbook and you may add one hour to your timecard for reading the handbook.

    True - If you add one hour to your timecard for reading the handbook, please make sure your supervisor knows what the hour is for.

  3. One of the objectives of the CSB\SJU Student Employment Program is to provide a broad range of job opportunities, which will provide what? (choose 3)

    Leadership, Transferable life skills, Personal growth

  4. True or False:  If you do not work on campus this year, you will have the first chance to apply for jobs next year.

    False - If you do not work on campus this year, you will not be eligible to find a job until they open to the work waiting list next October.

  5. How often will you be paid?

    Monthly - Timecards are due by the first of every month and will be paid approximately 10 days later.

  6. True or False:  There are 5 required employment forms that must be completed by your first day of work, and you will not be paid until these forms are complete.

    True - Information about all of the employment forms can be found at: Student Employment Forms

    We recommend that you complete your employment forms on Move-In Day.  Our office will be open from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  At CSB we are located in Main 244, and at SJU we are located in Quad 154.

  7. True or False:  If you would like to have all or part  of your student employment earnings to go toward your bill, you will need to complete a Billing Account Payroll Deduction Form.