Student Accessibility Services


Student Accessibility Services collaborates with CSBSJU entities to provide community-wide access for students with disabilities.

Who We Are

Student Accessibility Services works to remove barriers in campus-wide academic and co-curricular programming for students with disabilities.  We also serve as a resource to faculty and staff to mitigate barriers and implement reasonable solutions.

Students are responsible for initiating and managing our interactive process. Those steps are included below: 

1. Complete our online application: 

Our online application can be found at the following link: Please click "Online Intake" (top row, middle column) and complete the form. You will have an opportunity to upload disability documentation within the online intake form. 

2. Schedule a  "Welcome Meeting". To schedule call 320-363-5245.

You will have an opportunity to meet with a member of our professional staff. During the conversation, we will discuss the impact of your condition/disability in the academic and residential settings. Information provided during this meeting will be utilized to determine accommodation eligibility at CSB/SJU. 

3. What to expect during your Welcome Meeting

  • All are welcome: we pride ourselves on creating a warm and comfortable environment.
  • You will be treated as an adult learner.
  • We will work together to identify barriers in your CSB/SJU experience and implement accommodations to mitigate those barriers, as applicable
  • If you have received accommodations in the past, be advised that reasonable accommodations and services in college may differ from those previously granted in the high school setting. 
  • Come prepared to share any questions or concerns that you might have.

4. Determination:

You can expect to leave the Welcome Meeting with an active accommodation plan, and an understanding of how our office can support you. There may be circumstances in which additional time is needed to determine eligibility for some accommodations. 

5. Communication: 

Once an accommodation plan has been established, you are responsible for sending your accommodation plan to professors in the Clockwork Database. Information for using Clockwork can be found in the column to the right. 

For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 320-363-5245.