Reflection for Easter Sunday, April 12th, 2020

From the Empty Tomb: We Still Rise By Janice Kristanti

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April 12, 2020

Today's Readings

Sunlight through treesToday, with Mary of Magdala, Peter, and other apostles, we find that Jesus’ tomb is empty. We see an empty tomb; empty pews; empty campuses; empty schools; empty streets and the list goes on. The word-empty seems to echo throughout the season ever since the Coronavirus outbreak hit the world. Who would have thought that we are self-quarantining today? Who would have thought that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything, turning our lives upside down? Little by little, we try to make sense of the situation. One fact is that the global pandemic shows the world our interconnectedness with one another in which our safety and life depend on one another. It does not matter where we live, where we are from, or what we do, this global phenomenon propels all of us to recognize first and foremost our humanity and limitedness. We find that because we are human and limited, we ask, “Where is the Lord?”

 Like us, Mary of Magdala, Peter, and other apostles were confused, scared, and dismayed when they found out that the tomb is empty. They wondered, “Where is the Lord?” Little they knew that Jesus had risen from the dead. Little they knew that having an empty tomb is the beginning of the Good News.

 Perhaps it is hard to exclaim, “Hallelujah!”, and to find the joy of the Resurrection amid sicknesses and deaths, virtual church services, economic disruptions, postponed schedules, and all kinds of uncertainties. Yet like Mary of Magdala, Peter, and other apostles, we could hope that today is a new beginning. Indeed, today is a new beginning of the Good News and life itself.

 Jesus Christ is risen! Let us anchor our faith in the truth that we are forgiven, redeemed, and transformed.

 Jesus Christ is risen! Let us anchor our hope against all the odds that we too rise with Christ!

Reflection Question

Take a deep breath;  exhale. Where can I find a light of Christ in this Easter season?

Janice Kristanti

Degree: ThM candidate, 2019 Master of Divinity graduate