Alex Blechle to serve as Director of Admissions

Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary announces that Alex Blechle will serve as the next Director of Admissions.

Alex joined the Admissions staff in January 2021 as Associate Director of Admissions. In that role, he worked to build our recruitment network, particularly with college campuses and through updated databases of professional and diocesan contacts across the country. Alex has facilitated the steady and strategic expansion our recruitment plan, establishing significant contacts with key SOT/Sem influencers across from the country. As the Associate Director, Alex also collaborated on the organization of a long-term communication plan that advertises our degree and certificate programs widely on social media.

“Alex is an ideal fit for our Director of Admissions position. He brings strong experience in recruitment and admissions as well as a deep appreciation for graduate theological education. I am excited for his strategic vision and commitment to the School of Theology and Seminary. As an alum of the school, Alex understands our mission and its power to leaven the church and world. I am delighted that he has accepted this position” said Shawn Colberg, Ph.D., Dean of the SOT/Sem.

In January 2022, Donelle Poling transitioned from Director of Admissions into Program Director for the new Conversatio: Building a Culture of Encounter Lilly Endowment program. At the same time, Alex accepted the role of Acting Director of Admissions. Over the last six months, Alex continued much of the work he did as Associate Director while taking-on the duties of the Admissions Director position. As Director of Admissions, he will team with Associate Directors Hallie Barsody and Amy Wen to continue building the SOT/Sem’s recruitment network and strategic plan for admission of students.

“I am grateful for this opportunity to serve the School of Theology and Seminary here at Saint John’s,” Blechle commented. “Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to pursue graduate theological studies and it is a privilege to work with such a distinguished faculty and committed staff of colleagues both within the SOT/Sem and CSB+SJU.”

Alex began his tenure as the Director of Admissions on July 1, 2022.