Dr. Tziona Grossmark to Deliver Special Lecture

"Laws Regarding Idolatry in Jewelry as a Mirror Image of Jewish-Gentile Relations in the Land of Israel during Mishnaic and Talmudic Times."

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November 1, 2018

Idolatry is not something we think about much in the modern culture—but it was very present in the Jewish mindset and a source great tension between Jews and Gentiles. That tension was made manifest in lots of ways.  And still today, there are cultural underpinnings to modern relations between Jews and other Arabic peoples.  We understand the present and influence the future by looking at what the past can teach us. Dr. Grossmark is an expert on Jewish literature, history, and archaeology and has been an important partner in the CSB/SJU archaeological excavation at Omrit in northern Israel, publishing, for example, on the jewelry from the site.

-Lunch and Lecture with Dr. Tziona Grossmark-
To attend, please SIGN UP THROUGH THE FOLLOWING LINKhttps://www.csbsju.edu/forms/BLECB6UYHC
We look forward to enjoying this event with you!
Make a reservation today if you can come to this lunch and lecture on November 12.
DEADLINE in THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 12:00 NOON.  NO WALK-INS can be accommodated!
 -Dr. Jason Schlude, Classics Professor and Fr. Dale Launderville, OSB, Dean