Alumni Council

Leaders for the future of the SOT/Sem

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The Alumni Council seeks to:

  1. Increase alumni engagement of the SOT/Sem – Engagement opportunities
    • Foster further relationships between alumni and current faculty, staff, and students
    • Give intentional space for the energy of the alumni to share their stories, experiences, and the fruits of education, formation, and prayer at the School of Theology in their communities
    • Provide opportunities for alumni to engage in meaningful prayer, formation, education, and community events with other alumni after graduation – to bring Collegeville with them
    • Gain commitment of alumni to recognize their important involvement in the areas of recruitment and financial giving to help further the mission of the School of Theology
  2. Implement a sustainable model of alumni leadership which is both local and remote. Comprised of 2 Co-Chairs and 12-14 Alumni Ambassadors, the Alumni Council focuses on the following priority areas:
    • Ongoing Formation and Educational Opportunities
    • Community Building Activities
    • Communication
    • Back to Campus – Connecting to Collegeville
    • Networking and Support for Those in Ministry

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To get in touch with the Alumni Council, see our current Co-Chair page