Formation Opportunities

The Ministerial Residency Program- Bringing the Classroom to Life

The Ministerial Residency Program at the Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary is an opportunity for students to grow and discern their gifts in liturgy and theology. Students partner with churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations and receive formation in their faith and talents, as well as receiving a stipend to alleviate economic stress. The students are able to apply the lessons they have learned at the School of Theology and Seminary in a practical setting, bringing their skills to a real-world environment.



Students       Resources
All full time or part time students can participate in the ministerial residency program. Students can gain ministry experience while taking courses. The positions are paid, which can help relieve economic stress.        We have a number of helpful resources for our students, partners, and site supervisors. Position postings, how to apply, resume writing, interviewing, formation handbook, and more.




Partners       Supervisors
Our partners help the School of Theology and Seminary sustain ministry into future generations by being involved in the formation our student ministers. Churches, non-profit organizations, and schools all have a stake in our students' futures.       Site supervisors are individuals at our partnering organizations who spend time mentoring and guiding the ministerial residents through their residency positions. Here at Saint John's, we offer retreat opportunities and resources for supervisors.