Sociology Major

In Sociology, we study groups; the variety of ways people behave in groups and how an individual’s attitude and actions are influenced by them.

Program Highlights

  • Offers pathways in areas such as Global Culture; Research, Planning & Policy Analysis; Community & Family Studies; Crime, Law & Justice.
  • Multiculturalism is important to our program. More than half our faculty members have directed an international study program. The department offers courses in world populations, race and ethnicity, urban studies and anthropology.
  • Experiential learning is valued. In addition to internships, interested students can participate in on-going faculty research or design and implement their own independent research project for credit.

Overview of Program

  • Includes courses such as criminology, anthropology, urban studies, gender, ethnic studies, sociology of religion, family violence.
  • Has sponsored internships at the Office of the Saint Cloud Mayor, Camp Courage, Casa Guadalupe and Stearns County Community Corrections.
  • Includes collaborative efforts across many disciplines.