Major Events Policy

Reviewed:  August 2017

The purpose of this policy is to assist event planners in understanding how to host a major event involving or impacting the College of Saint Benedict (CSB), and/or Saint John's University (SJU), or our community members. Major events are defined as those programs or activities which, by their nature, alter or have the impact of altering the routine and operations of a facility, property, staffing plan, and/or may have public relations implications for the colleges. The institution reserves the right to cancel the event if any of the above conditions are not met. Costs associated with the canceling of the event due to non-compliance are the responsibility of the sponsoring group. For additional event planning information, please see the Student Activities and Leadership Development website.

Event Planning 

  1. All events planned at CSB/SJU or by CSB/SJU students, student groups, or departments must abide by occupancy levels set for spaces.
  2. Events are limited to purposes of spaces unless approval is gained to alter the purpose of the space for the event. Approval to alter the purpose of College or University space requires agreement from Events and Conferences on the campus at which the event will take place, Director of Security or Life Safety Services, the primary user of the space, and the CSB or SJU Dean of Students Office.  Approval to alter the purpose of OSB space requires agreement from the abbot or the prioress or their designees. Each campus may have unique guidelines or restrictions on facility usage based on the nature or limitations of individual facilities.
  3. Event planners must respect the integrity of the academic calendar of CSB/SJU. Also see the Master Calendar to prevent conflicts with other campus events.
  4. All proposed events and activities must be reviewed by media relations prior to approval.
  5. Media and communication responsibilities for major events rest with the club or organization, and must be coordinated in conjunction with Office of Marketing and Communication (OMC)).
  6. A communication plan must be in place and reviewed by OMC prior to the public announcement of any major event.
  7. Event planners must complement existing events on the academic and co-curricular calendars at CSB/SJU. A completed event plan is expected to be given to relevant administrative areas a minimum of ten business days prior to the event.
  8. Any event for which attendance would be limited due to event location or capacity of the designated space may need to be ticketed in order to manage attendance. Tickets need to be numbered with a ticket stub available to balance receipts and provide attendance accounts.
  9.  SJP events using CSB/SJU facilities or grounds must receive approval from Events and Conferences and CSB Security or SJU Life Safety Services.

Presence of Alcohol

  1. Alcohol at student-sponsored events on campus must be cash bar only with Culinary/Dining Services or a licensed third-party vendor approved by Culinary/Dining Services. Likewise, student-sponsored events off campus must be cash bar only. Discounted or subsidized alcohol specials are also not allowed. Bar tabs for performers or event organizers are not allowed. Event organizers who plan to have alcohol present must present a security plan which supports the legal and responsible use of alcohol in the promotion, distribution, sale, limitation of serving hours, provision of food and alternative beverages, and limitation of the quantity of alcohol served.
  2. Events with alcohol present, whether on or off-campus, must secure and alcohol permit from the Student Activities and leadership Development Office.  The Director of Student Activities will consult with Events and Conferences, CSB Security, St. John's Life Safety, the Deans of Students and other as needed prior to approving the alcohol permit. The permit is required before any event with alcohol can be sponsored by a CSB/SJU student organization or entity.
  3. Since the majority of CSB/SJU students are not able to legally consume alcohol, the institutions are committed to supporting events which do not have alcohol present. Events or advertising for events which focus on the consumption of alcohol will not be allowed. Student activity fees (allocated by the institution or the Student Senates) and student organization-generated funds, including but not limited to ticket sales, t-shirt sales, cup sales, member dues, and raffles, may not purchase alcohol for events.

Target Audience

  1. The primary audience for CSB/SJU events should be members of the CSB/SJU community.
  2. An event open to non-CSB/SJU attendees requires special event considerations and approval from Student Activities and CSB Security or St. John's Life Safety for plans for promotion, availability of tickets, and security.

Contract Obligations

  1. The sponsor of the event is responsible for all costs incurred from hosting the event including costs for security, sound, lights, contractual obligations, cancellations, damages, and clean-up. CSB/SJU is not responsible for event costs by agreeing to offer space for the event.
  2. CSB/SJU is limited in the sound and lighting support it can offer events particularly in some locations. Event organizers should contact Events and Conferences, and Media Services to determine what is available for the event location. The use of additional sound and light equipment or staff may need to be contracted by event organizers. Events and Conferences and Physical Plant or Facilities staff may need to provide direction for use of outside contractors.
  3. All contracts and contract riders must be approved and signed by the Director of Student Activities or designee. Only recognized student clubs/organizations in good standing and CSB/SJU departments may submit contracts for major events. Contracts will not be processed without confirmed funding, either from the CFB, institutional departments, or external sponsors. CSB/SJU will not allow the use of alcohol or drugs during set up, performance, or take-down of an event or actions by performers which are contrary to the mission and values of the institutions.
  4. Based on a risk assessment of the event, the institution may require an additional insurance rider and/or waivers of liability from all participants. The institution reserves the right to prohibit events due to high risk factors.
  5. CSB and SJU reserve the right to deny any program/speaker/event.

Event Staffing

  1. Event organizers must provide student staff to handle unloading, set-up, event management, security, tear-down, and clean-up. Event organizers are responsible for informing and training their student staff.
  2. Event organizers may be assisted by professional staff who handle technical aspects of the event or facility management. Event staff are expected to be respectful of professional staff assisting with events. Contracted professional staff are the responsibility of event organizers.

Event Security

  1. Event organizers must meet with the appropriate security department to develop a security plan. The security plan must address the size and nature of the event, security for the event location, security for the facility hosting the event, and the necessary security and equipment to safeguard the health, fire and safety concerns for CSB/SJU students and residence areas on campus.
  2. Requests for additional security for an event should be submitted to the Director of Security/Life Safety Services for the respective campus at which the event will take place at least six weeks prior to the event. An event may need to be canceled if additional security is unavailable.
  3. Arrangements for parking for the event should be submitted to the Director of Security/Life Safety Services for the respective campus at which the event will take place at least six weeks prior to the event.
  4. All bus travel (Link or contracted services) should go through the Director of Transportation at least six weeks prior to the event. Mini-buses, vans and fleet vehicles are reserved through the Fire Department at SJU, and Security at CSB.
  5. Arrangements for medical assistance for the event should be submitted to the Director of Security/Life Safety Services for the respective campus at which the event will take place at least six weeks prior to the event.

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