Bell Banner

Designed by Marcel Breuer along with the Abbey Church, the Bell Banner serves various functions.  Its prominent location on campus announces the importance of the spiritual life on campus and the presence of the Benedictine monks who sponsor Saint John's University.  On the practical side, in addition to holding aloft the five large bronze bells, it reflects sunlight back into the north stain glass façade of the church.

The Abbey Church Bell Banner stands 112 feet above the pavement and is 100 feet wide at the top.  It is made of 2,500 tons of concrete and heavy steel reinforcing rods.  The footings go down twenty feet into the ground.  The cross in the banner is made of native white oak which measures 15 feet by 8 feet.

The five bronze bells were produced by Petit & Fritzen bell foundry in Aarle-Pixtel, Holland, and purchased through I.T. Verdin Company of Cinncinnati, Ohio.  The largest bell weighs 8,030 pounds while the smallest bell weighs 1,683 pounds.  The bells are dedicated to the Holy Trinity, Blessed Virgin Mary, Guardian Angels, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Benedict.