Saint John's University Parking Regulations


SJU Life Safety Services is responsible for managing all parking, traffic and safety issues regarding the use of vehicles on Saint John's campus. It is important for all to know that The Saint John's University has a limited number of parking spaces on campus and for that reason, must facilitate parking in order to accommodate the high usage of parking areas on campus. The following standards have been established to support campus parking:

  • All vehicles parking at Saint John's University need to be registered with SJU Life Safety Services within 24 hours.
  • Parking for students commuting by private vehicle is limited.  Please use the CSB/SJU Link Bus to travel between campuses.
  • Parking on campus is a privilege, not a right.
  • Students are personally and finacially responsible for insuring that their guests register their vehicles with CSB Security or SJU Life Safety Services and that they park in authorized areas only.
  • All student and employee vehicles must have a valid campus parking permit permanently affixed to the driver's side back seat window.  Cellophane, laminate, Scotch tape or other temporary adhesives may not be used to attach the permit.
  • Counterfeiting, altering, transferring or defacing a parking permit or providing false information upon registration of the vehicle is subject to fines or loss of privilege to operate a vehicle on either campus.
  • Students whose parents are employed by CSB/SJU or otherwise have access to a vehicle with an employee parking permit are not authorized to park that vehicle in areas reserved for employee parking.  Misuse of permits in this manner could result in fines for the vehicle operator and the employee's loss of parking privileges on either campus.
  • All vehicles are limited to parking in designated spots and must be parked between two solid white lines.  It is impossible to post NO PARKING signs in every campus location that is not intended for parking.  If a space is not marked as a parking space, it shall be considered a NO PARKING space.
  • Parking is NEVER allowed in fire lanes, bus lanes, roadways, or in areas marked by yellow curb or "No Parking Anytime" signs. Violators will be towed at the owner's expense.
  • Guests are welcome to park in any guest or non-restricted parking spaces upon registering their vehicle with CSB Security or SJU Life Safety Services.
  • Notices will be posted as to when and where to move vehicles for lot maintenance/snow removal. Vehicles must be removed for lot maintenance and may be towed at the owners' expense if not removed. Vehicles must return to their assigned lots once lot maintenance is completed.
  • Permission for entering barricaded areas for loading and unloading must be obtained from SJU Life Safety Services prior to entry.
  • In the event of a license plate change, a new vehicle is obtained, or a loaner/temporary vehicle is brought to SJU, Life Safety Services must be notified within two business days. 
  • Bicycles riders must obey all traffic laws.  Bicycles must be secured in the bike racks provided.  All others will be confiscated.
  • All vehicle users who disregard policies are subject to fines, towing and/or loss of parking privileges.
  • Employee lots, guest lots, fire lanes, bus lanes, no parking zones, posted zones and handicap restrictions are enforced 24 hours a day, including breaks, weekends and summer.
  • There is no student or employee parking allowed in any Monastery area,  These areas are reserved 24/ hours for specific vehicles and monastery events.
  • Restrictions on unregistered overnight guest parking are always enforced.  Vehicles remaining are subject to towing at owner's expense.
  • Motorcycle parking is allowed when weather permits in designated areas April 1 through Nov 1.
  • Students, staff and faculty who drive or park vehicles on campus are subject to fines and/or other penalties for citations they receive on either campus.

SJU Defensive Driving

Persons operating a college or university owned vehicle are required to complete the CSB/SJU Defensive Driving Program.  Information regarding this process is available via the links and the CSB Security website, SJU Life Safety Services website and under "Defensive Driving" on the A-Z index.

SJU Speed Limits

Campus speed limits are set to provide for the safe movement of persons and vehicles on campus. Please respect the posted limits.

  • SJU Speed Limit- 20 mph on roadways and 10 mph in parking lots

Penalties and Loss of Privileges- CSB/SJU

Offense Amount

Snow removal / lot maintenance

$25 (plus tow fee)

Illegal Parking (no permit, permit not displayed, expired permit)


Restricted, Posted Parking Areas (guest and time limited, no parking, incorrect  lot)  


Driving or parking on sidewalks, lawns, around gates/barricades

$50 (non-appealable)

Moving Violation

$50 (non-appealable)

Falsifying, transferring or altering permit or permit information 


Handicapped Zone

$100 (non-appealable)

Wheel Lock Removal/Towing

$50 (non-appealable)

Safe and Sober violation

$50 (non-appealable)

Any Violation after the 3rd ticket issued during an academic year.


Fire Lanes

$50 (non-appealable)

Emergency Response Violations

$200 (non-appealable)

Vehicles not registered that require DMV check to identify owner

$10 (in addition to other fines)

Confiscated Bicycles

$25 (storage fee may also apply)

Failure to update information upon license plate change


Failure to obey semaphore



Those whose driving or disregard of parking regulations threatens the safety of the campus and demonstrates an unwillingness to park responsibly may have their driving privileges revoked on Saint John's campus. Upon the receipt of their third violation students are able to meet with the traffic coordinator. Upon the 7th ticket, your driving privileges may be revoked until a review takes place. 

The registered owner of the vehicle will be held accountable when the driver cannot be identified. 

Vehicles will be wheel locked or towed away at owner's expense if there is a disregard of policy, as deemed by CSB Security or SJU Life Safety Services.

Vehicles blocking fire lanes or parking in a posted tow-away zone are subject to tow at owner's expense.

  • SJU Life Safety Services parking tickets are placed directly on the vehicle.

Emergency Response Violations

Individuals and vehicles that impede the emergency response of medical, fire security security and Life Safety personnel or vehicles are subject to judicial sanctions, towing of vehicles and may have their permit or driving privileges on the CSB/SJU campuses revoked.  These sanctions are not open to appeal as they impact the health and wellness of our communities.  Actions that fall into this category would include, but are not limited to:

  • Interfering with the actions of  emergency or responding personnel
  • Parking in Fire Lanes or blocking access to a building during an emergency
  • Reckless endangerment of campus life and property

SJU Permit Information

The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a specific parking space.  

Parking permits are issued for SJU students online at the SJU website 24/7 through the Forms Manager Portal. SJU Employee and Corporate permits may be obtained at Life Safety Services bewtween 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday. Guests who park a vehicle on campus must register the vehicle so that it is properly identified.  The legal owner or family member responsible for the vehicle must register vehicles.

Student Permits- SJU

Student vehicle permits are issued for one vehicle for a one year period.  Students should remove expired permits so that the current permit is the only one displayed.  Permit registration is on-line. Pre-registered permits can be picked in your student PO Box. 

  • $150 +tax annually for students living on or off campus
  • $5 +tax annually for motorcycles if owner has purchased a full year permit for a car
  • $5 +tax charge for permit replacement

Temporary Parking Permits

  • SJU temporary permits are $7 + tax per week period and are affixed by its adhesive to the upper corner of the driver's side backseat window.

Employee Parking Permits

Employee Permits are issued once per vehicle for the term of employment. Employees should register any additional vehicle that might be used on a regular basis.

SJU Parking Restriction

In order to promote orderly parking for all students, faculty, staff, monastics and guests, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Students whose parents are employed by CSB/SJU, or otherwise have access to a vehicle with an employee parking permit, are not authorized to park that vehicle in areas reserved for employee parking.  Misuse of permits in this manner could result in fines for the vehicle operator and the employee's loss of parking privileges on either campus.
  • Employee lots, student lots, guest lots, fire lanes, bus lanes, no parking zones, posted zones, and handicapped restrictions are enforced 24 hours a day.
  • There is no student or employee parking allowed in any Monastery area.  These areas are reserved 24 hours for specific vehicles and Monastery events.
  • Restrictions on unregistered overnight guest parking are always enforced. Vehicles remaining are subject to towing at owner's expense.
  • Motorcycle parking is allowed when weather permits in designated areas, April 1- November 1.
  • Students from CSB and SJU who drive or park vehicles on either campus are subject to vehicle and/or parking fines and violations of both campuses.

SJU Parking Regulations

Parking rules are enforced 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Evening parking is allowed in any lot not including guest lots. Evening parking begins at 4 p.m. and ends at midnight Sunday through Thursday and 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Guest lots are reserved for visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is No Parking from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. in the employee lots.

There is no open parking during weekends and holidays.

Unattended vehicles may not be stored on campus over the summer without written permission from the Traffic Coordinator.


Those believing they have received a citation in error or have extraordinary circumstances may appeal the violation by completing the Appeals Form on-line.  The appeals form should be brought up on the appropriate campus' website where the violation occurred (CSB  or SJU Life  All appeals must be submitted within ten days of the violation date. Appeals made more than 10 days after the offense will not be accepted (unless DMV look up required).

SJU Student Parking

Prep students Prep students parking lot, Science Lot #2
First-Year students Flynntown, Science Lot #2
Sophomores Flynntown, Watab, Science Lot #2
Juniors Flynntown, Watab, Science Lot #2 and North Palaestra
Seniors Flynntown, Watab, Science Lot #2, North Palaestra and Flagpole
SJU graduate/Continuing Ed Flynntown, Emmaus
CSB students Flynntown
Motorcycle users Designated areas in Flagpole and Flynntown Lot, April 1-Nov. 1

Employee Parking - SJU

At SJU, all employees with permits must park in designated employee parking areas based on location of employment. For SJU employees in the Science Center and Library, Quad, Wimmer, Luke, SBH, Peter Engel, Guild Hall and Sexton Commons, parking is assigned to Faculty, Mary, Prep Street Faculty, Flynntown, Palaestra and Flagpole. For SJU employees in Physical Plant, Art Center, Liturgical Press, and Emmaus, parking is assigned to Power House, Fire Hall, Liturgical Press, Flynntown and Palaestra. For SJU employees in the Palaestra, parking is assigned to Palaestra lot.

Map of SJU Campus

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Electric Vehicle Policy