SJU Culinary Services

Student Employement

Why Work in Culinary Services? 

  1. Meet fellow students and make friends (over 100 students work at SJU Culinary Services).
  2. Make money.
  3. Work with other student employees as a team.
  4. Work shifts are scheduled around your classes and other activities by student managers.
  5. Opportunities for advancement - cashier positions, supervisor, intern, and management positions available after one or two semesters of successful employment.
  6. Have fun while you work!

What Jobs Will I be Doing?*

  • Refectory Culinary Services Associate (Blue Crew) - working as a team member in the dish room to provide clean and sanitary dishes, utensils, pans, pots, and dishware for the customers of the Culinary Services.  Also responsible for stocking milks and cleanup of dining room at end of shift.
  • Refectory Student Line Cooks - assisting cooks, bakers, and salad departments with preparation, line service, and cleanup of meals. Responsibilities may include food preparation, following recipes and instructions. May work on hot grills, fryers, meat cutters, tomato slicer, etc. and cleanup of areas at the end of shift.
  • Refectory Student Sanitation Specialist/ Custodial - performing custodial duties including cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and other projects assigned by supervisors to help keep the Culinary Services spaces clean and neat.
  • Refectory Student Events/ Catering Associate - assisting catering crew with set- up, service and take- down of events on campus. Some late evening shifts are required. 
  • Refectory Student Warehouse Associate - receiving orders, stocking and distributing products for use in main kitchen.  Driver's license and working early morning shifts are required for this position.
  • Refectory Cashier- handling transactions for customers eating at dining facilities.
  • Refectory Student Baker - baking St. John's bread and other bakery products.  Duties also include cleanup of areas at the end of shift, other duties as assigned by supervisors.
  • Retirement Center Associate- assembling and serving food to our Abbey monastic retirement center residents.
  • Sexton Student Culinary Services Associate - preparing fast foods for customers, cleaning dishes and keeping Sexton Dining clean, keeping coolers and shelves full of products.

*Actual work assignments will depend on your class schedule, your other activities, and the job openings that are available.  Some assignments will vary from shift to shift while others will work in the same area each time.

Two Easy Steps to Get a Job in Culinary Services

  1. Fill out the online application - Student Employment Application
  2. Contact Adria Gillitzer, Administrative Manager and Dietitian, via email or phone (320)-363-3489 or the student managers at

Once you secure employment with us, check out the SJU Culinary Services Student Employment Handbook for everything you need to know about your new job. (Don't forget to fill out the handbook receipt, which is necessary to begin employment with SJU Culinary Services.)

Meet The Student Management Team!

Daniel Perez

SJU Culinary Services Refectory Student Manager 

Year & Major: Senior General Buisness Major

Favorite SJU Culinary Services Memory:   Decorating the Refectory for the 80's Burger bar and working with all the people I've met while working at the Refectory.

Ethan Andersen

SJU Culinary Services Refectory Assistant Manager

Year & Major: Junior Nursing Major

Favorite SJU Culinary Services Memory:  Working the Hot Chocolate Bar at the Refectory and getting to meet and work with all the people working in Culinary Services.