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your CSB and SJU username and password From the menu select insurance Enter
an ala carte menu of sandwiches and snack items. Meals at the above facilities may
in the Special Programs and Events menu. The Dignitas Humana Award
Drink Menu Our Coffee Pottery at The Perk Hours: Monday-Thursday
. "The Menu is Love" by Monza Naff, page 12. 1987 vol. 8 #3, March 6, 1987
Filtering Alerts Filtering Tracking Items in The HIVE How can one filter their list to see if students have active alerts?  Start by going to the Menu at the top left of your screen.  Go to Students. Then go to Tracking. Clear
Presentation Multimedia Assignment Menu
) Direct Link to Registration Main Menu: CSB Students | SJU Students
, select the action "Drop/Delete Course" from the dropdown menu Click “Submit
from the dropdown menu "Current Enrollment" is the current or most recent term