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on the Family. All of the encounters I just mentioned—and numerous others ... , remembering that the reality of our encounter here as a community this weekend
to the camp with our Austrian German professor was even more powerful, as her family ... excitedly read the German signs and feel relaxed hearing German after a weekend
impression. Our entire group took a trip up to Northern Ireland for a weekend ... your adventures so that you can reminisce or share with friends and family
arrival even after my flight was delayed, organized great weekend trips, and were ... . John’s and our network of family and friends is difficult. Planning
always had family with me throughout my college career and - although it was nerve ... and present and we had the best weekend excursions with our class. The internship
of the program that drew me in as well as the group excursions we had every weekend ... to talk to people whose families were impacted during these times. Describe
on the ocean. I also loved that we would be going on excursions every weekend ... in a place of independence. You are away from your family and you have no way
such a large part of my family history. I was also really attracted to the excursion schedule of the Galway, Ireland program. We travelled almost every weekend and were
I decided on because it was were my heart was calling me. My family is Italian ... of Pavia where the college was located. On the weekends we went on excursions
waterscapes in Minneapolis or the animals on the family farm on the Kickapoo river ... community at an Alum College session during her 50th reunion weekend. To any future