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and their families to attend a campus visit program on Presidents' Day! This day ... weekend campus visit programs in Spring 2022! These day includes a tour of both
come, come over the weekend and stay for Sunday night and see it." And he wrote ... life wasn't best. He believed in family life, people living together. And he
. It was dedicated on Saturday, September 21, 1996, as part of a weekend celebration that also ... ; several McGlynn family members served on CSB's Board of Trustees. In the winter
” by Priscilla Wood, page 106 “Book Review: The Family of Man ” by Sister Jona ... , vol. 42, no. 2 “Wisconsin Weekend” by Bonnie Pechtel and Thomas O’Connell
Matters" 9/26 Long Weekend 10/03-10/04 Kake and Karaoke 10/8 ... Awareness Series: Gender 3/13-3/17 Identity Awareness Series: Family
if the family or a friend is included in the commitment to exercise. Find a walking ... workouts into one weekend. Think about the speed A reasonable training pace
seeing old friends, spending time with family, and being socially active ... and December 18 (no parties in town or traveling on the weekends). Current CSB/SJU
traveling over the long weekend, the risk for COVID-19 transmission in our community ... . Sartell Family Medicine will manage the testing. Please visit our COVID-19
draw in place, Bill then went to work filling weekends with live music events ... community with the support of his wife of 35 years and their only daughter. As a family
Outdoor Johnnies 2013 Pheasant Hunt On Wednesday, October 23, Johnnie alumni, family and friends prowled the Harold Krage Ranch near Aberdeen ... of birds during the weekend. Attendees had the chance to catch up and enjoy each