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holiday schedule for calendar year 2018 Holiday Schedule for Calendar Year 2018 The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University recognize the following dates as holidays for calendar year 2018: New Year's Day 2018 – Monday resources/pdf/holiday schedule for calendar year 2018.pdf
with whom they are in an active relationship through a role in The Hive.  Calendars Appointments in the Hive can be viewed on an Outlook calendar if a user chooses to have The Hive send appointments back to their Outlook Calendar
with your Outlook Calendar to allow people to schedule time with you based on when ... scheduling - Acting as or assigning a calendar manager - Adding meeting outcomes ... will go a little more in-depth on how to utilize Outlook (rules, calendaring, etc
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members must be notified of the meeting no later than one calendar week before ... one calendar week before it is to be held.  4. Before the meeting can begin ... . Elections will occur within two calendar weeks of the date at which the office
in the assessment of tuition. CALENDAR CHANGES The CSB/SJU calendar ... common exam time. The academic calendar concludes each semester with a one-day
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