Club Description

Active Minds

 The purpose of Active Minds is to “empower students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others and encourage help-seeking,” (ActiveMinds.org/about).

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Email: activeminds@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Taylor Reiter and Lizeth Pineda

Advisor: Amanda Jantzer

African Student Association 

ASA  Logo

ASA shall serve as a community based organization where students and faculty of African descent at CSB/SJU can come and join discussions and activities that concentrate and pertain specifically to them. It is also a goal of the ASA  to share the culture and traditions of African nations and especially those that are represented within the CSB/SJU campus and neighboring communities.

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Email: asa@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Janet Mills & Arzinda Abedu - Bensti

Advisor: Kat Mazang


Afro STEM Logo

To uplift and empower women of color majoring in STEM fields


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Email: afrostem@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Christiana Wallace &  Alexzandrea Lewis-Smith

Advisor: Sucharita Mukherjee

AKS Sorority

We provide women with service opportunities as well as a safe place to make connections.

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Email: akssorority@csbsju.edu  

Leaders: Sophie Sullivan Almquiest and Catherine Patel

Advisor: Lindsey Gutsch

Allied Health Club

The purpose of our club is to serve as a resource for CSB/SJU students. Our goal is to educate students about allied health professions as well as help them pursue them.

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Email: alliedhealth@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Claire Oelfke and Annie McGuire

Advisor: Don Fischer

Archipelago Caribbean Association

Purpose: To teach and inform the CSB/SJU community about Caribbean culture and to bring diverse events and mindsets to the campus climate. 

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Email: archipelago@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Andrenique Rolle & Jervon Sands

Advisor: Anne Sumangil

Bennies In Business

Bennies in Business strives to provide Bennies with the opportunity to network with other successful women in the professional realm and to grow professionally in a positive environment.

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Email:  benniesinbusiness@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Madison Johnson & Victoria Szathmary

Advisor: Margrette Newhouse

Biochemistry Club

Biochemistry Club's Mission is to advance the scientific knowledge of each member through the development of communication and study skill, to provide opportunities for work and career planning in biochemistry, to familiarize members with other biochemistry students and bring unity to the CSB/SJU Biochemistry Program through peer mentor-mentee relationships, and to facilitate student body involvement, more enrollment and a higher retention rate in biochemistry.

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Email: biochemclub@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Jacob Minkinnen & Joseph Butterfield

Advisor: Brian Johnson

Biology Club

The purpose of our club is to foster the love for science particularly biology while also providing opportunities for students to meet with professors and other biology professionals to help create a great learning environment.

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Email: biologyclub@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Abigail Jacobs & Gretchen Curtis

Advisor: Clark Cotton

Black Student Union

Purpose: Promises of the BSU ○ I. The Black Student Union promises to serve as a CSB/SJU student club that promotes diversity through race and intellectuality at St. Ben’s and St. John’s. ○ II. We promise accurate awareness of the cultural, political, and economic aspects of the Black/African diaspora. ○ III. We promise to serve as a club that uplifts the Black community at St. Ben’s and St. John’s through informative programming, constructive leadership, and peaceful activism. ○ IV. We promise to serve as a club that is cognizant of intersectionality and its purpose when creating programming and events that stem around activism, justice, and education. ○ V. We promise that our activities, goals, and statements shall be consistent with the Benedictine Values and Catholic Social Teaching. ○ VI. We are not affiliated with any regional/national organizations, but we promise to support organizations that promote diversity, inclusivity, activism, and justice. 

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Messsage from  the Black Student Union

Email: bsu@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Devean "Dee" Statum & Jade Berry

Advisor: D'Havian Scott

Campus DJ's

The purpose of Campus DJs is to provide music for any clubs that have events whether it's for promoting a cause or for dances.

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Email: campusdj@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Dennis Dean II & Ashton Cleare


China Cross Cultural Communication Club

China Cross Cultural Communication Club (CCCCC/5C) was created on the basis that there are many Chinese students on the CSB/SJU campuses. The purpose of the club is to provide students the connection between the different cultural backgrounds with opportunities to get together as a community while having fun, and stepping outside of their comfort zone.

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Email: ccccc@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Haochu Tian and Zengqinre Dang

Advisor: Sophia Geng

Classical Studies Club

Classics Studies

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Email: classicsclub@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Jenna Ritten and Ken Mersch

Advisor: Jason Schlude

Climate Justice Club


The purpose of Climate Justice Club is to raise awareness of the global impacts of climate change, and help students become involved in taking action against them.

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Email:  climatejustice@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Betsy Ruckman and Isabelle Schmelzer

Advisor: Corrie Grosse 

Climbing Club

The club intends to make outdoor climbing, advanced climbing techniques, and extensive climbing knowledge more accessible to persons without any rock climbing experience whatsoever. In a deeper sense: the club fosters self-reliance and teamwork in hopes of opening members to a higher understanding of themselves and their relationship with others. 


Email: climbing@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Joseph Charbonneau & Nathan Smisek

Advisor: Kyle Rauch

College Democrats

The purpose of the College Democrats is to provide a place for the Democrats on campus to attend party-specific events, stay informed on party platforms and stances, and to provide a setting for general political conversation. Also, for students who are unsure of their political party leanings, the College Democrats will provide the conversation that will help them to decide their political identities.

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Email:  collegedems@csbsju.edu

CSB co-chair: Fardusa Ahmed

SJU co-chair: Fredi Ponce Parra

Treasurer: Ignacio Sanchez Romero 

Media Coordinator: Evan Mattson

Activities Coordinator: Nicholas Mertens

Secretary: Emma Rodeghier

Advisor: James Read

College Republicans

To make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party among members of the CSB/SJU campus and community; to aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government; to encourage and assist in the organization and active functioning of the Republican Party at the local, state, and national levels; to develop political skills and leadership abilities among Republican students as preparation for future service by them to the party and the community.

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Email: collegereps@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Tiana Johnson and Haley Christiansen


Computer Science Club

The purpose of the Computer Science Club is to promote the Computer Science major and prepare CSB/SJU students of all majors to be contributing members of the CSCI community

Email: comsci@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Rimuru Dutreuil & Alexa Hennen

Advisor: Peter Ohmann

Crew Club

Club sport dedicated to teaching rowing and providing an avenue of competition for students on campus.

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Email: crew@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Isabelle Zentil and Christian Henkels

Advisor: Nicci Malecha

CSB Club Volleyball

CSB Volleyball

The purpose of Club Volleyball is to allow CSB students to continue to play competitive volleyball throughout college.

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Email: csbclubvb@csbsju.edu 

Leaders:  Miranda Lijewski and Jenna Berg

Advisor: Steve Kimble

CSB Dance Team

The Dance Team is an athletic club for women, combining art and sport, and promoting physical fitness & will help build a sense of community and cooperation within a group of women.

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Email: danceteam@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Victoria Rynerson and Elise Sande

Advisor: Kathryn Dempsey

CSB Figure Skating

To provide an opportunity for students to keep a figure skating in college.

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Email: figureskating@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Josie Nemanich and Sonja Hoversten

Advisor: Alexa Evenson

CSB Rugby

To empower women to join a sport that is rising in the United States and compete in friendly, yet competitive environment with other rugby clubs in Minnesota and across the Midwest. 

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Email: csbrugby@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Hailey Karnowski and Mady Boettcher

Advisor: Steve Kimble

CSB Ultimate Frisbee Club

Practice and play ultimate Frisbee. Attend tournaments. 

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Email: csbfrisbeeclub@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Hayley Jarocki, Mariah Zeinstra & Josie Meyer

Advisor: Steve Kimble

Cycling Club

The CSB/SJU Cycling Club aims to build a friendly, inclusive community on our campuses by enabling students of all riding abilities to enjoy group rides and cycling-related events.

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Email: cyclingclub@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Mason DeGross and Nicholas Franta

Advisor: Jeff Glover  

Disc Golf Club

The Disc Golf Club aims to play disc golf and get more people involved int the sport.

Constitution | Instagram

Email: discgolf@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Benjamin Ziebarth and Ty Roelofs

Advisor: Todd Johnson

Drama Club

With Drama Club, we hope to provide an environment for people having all levels of interest in theatre to express themselves and grow, both as artists and people. Theatre can be a creative outlet and a stress reliever. It brings together the unlikeliest of people. Moving forward, if we can accomplish all three of those things -- being an outlet and a stress reliever, and bringing together people from all across campuses -- I would consider it a success.

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Email: dramaclub@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Callie Renae and Mia Umerski 

Advisor: Sean Dooley

Dynamic Speech and Debate Team & Club

The CSB/SJU Dynamos’ mission is to bring the excellent Art of Debate and Speech to the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University. As distinguished Dynamos, students can gain many valuable skills, such as public speaking, communication, strategic planning and critical analysis. Not only will students obtain aptitude in these areas, but the CSB/SJU Dynamos also provides an open forum for new ideas and thoughts on world and national politics, literature, global issues, and many other topics.


Email: DYNAMOS@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Canaan Cooper & Antonio Thompson

Advisor: Christi Siver

Economics Club

The purpose of the Economics Club is to foster the advancement of the social sciences and serve the community by informing them of events on economic issues, to organize events of interest to the membership, to provide students with information and literature concerning work in the field of economics, and to fund other events not otherwise organized by the membership that provide opportunities for keeping abreast of development in the social sciences.

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Email: economics@csbsju.edu 


Advisor: Parker Wheatley

Education Club

The purpose of Education Club is to provide future educators with materials and knowledge that will help them in their future classrooms.

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Email: education@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Blake Wiseman and Molly Wells

Advisor: Alicia Peters


Enactus will provide the students of CSB/SJU the best opportunity to develop leadership teamwork, and communication skills through learning, practicing, and teaching the principals of entrepreneurship. Enactus primarily operates multiple business ventures, either for profit or non-profit. These ventures will be consistent with our mission and directed towards both Enactus at CSB/SJU and the communities in which we live. We recognize the importance of entrepreneurship in our lives and work toward developing the skills and abilities of our members and our community to better practice it. The scope of our activities can only be defined by the students' own imaginations.

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Email: enactus@csbsju.edu 


Advisor: Paul Marsnik

Engineering Club

Engineering club's mission is t o provide the students of CSB/SJU an opportunity to further explore future schooling and/or career opportunities in any area of engineering (Specifically in the areas of chemistry, physics,biology, and computer science.). Also to provide useful information to students who are looking for internships and jobs in the field of engineering, to encourage students of CSB/SJU to be innovative, to host a variety of engineering based events and competitions, to work toward solutions that solve the problems that our campus, community, and nation face today.

Constitution | Instagram

Email: engineering@csbsju.edu


Advisor: Jim Crumley

Exploring Latin American Culture (ELAC)

Graphic with the logo elac across a globe

The purpose of our Exploring Latin American Culture (ELAC) is to bring Latin American events to the school so that all students can participate and engage in the Latin American culture and traditions.  

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Email: elac@csbsju.edu 


Advisor: Pedro Dos Santos  

Finance Club

Finance Club

The overall purpose of the Finance Club is to inform its members of career opportunities in the financial services industry through networking while amplifying and applying their knowledge.


Email: finance@csbsju.edu


Advisor: Lauri Miller

French Club

French Club Logo

The purpose of the French Club is to promote French language and francophone cultures on campus.

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Email: frenchclub@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Autumn Ayer 

Advisor: Ana Conboy 


German Club

The purpose of the German club is to introduce the students and faculty of CSB/SJU to German culture.


Email: germanclub@csbsju.edu 

Leaders:  Emily Rogalla and Chloe Ballin

Advisor: Kurt Hollendar

Global Health Affairs

Global Health Affairs Logo

The purpose of Global Health Affairs is to increase the awareness of CSB/SJU students on global health issues. A major component of this club will raise awareness about the mission of the international organization, Global Brigades and the needs of community members in Central America and Ghana.  Moreover, issues such as AIDS, multistrain tuberculosis, mental health, and  maternal-child health will be addressed in the greater context of the world. ation, and enter the workplace. 

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Email: globalhealth@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Bella Brinkman and Kaia Hoiseth

Advisor: Ellen Block

Hmong American Involving Students (HAIS)

The purpose of our club is to promote cultural understanding of Hmong culture on the CSB/SJU campus, and to build a community across all cultural contexts. HAIS is dedicated to establishing and maintaining Hmong Culture on campus as well as building relationships among students and providing resources to enable students to become affective leaders in their community.

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Email: hais@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Yue Pheng Lor and Selina Vang

Advisor: Dana Drezenovich

Indigenous Student Association

To promote Native American/indigenous culture in settings and in context that reflect upon Benedictine values and the inclusion of multiculturism on our campuses. We aim to inspire and include those who are interested in the indigenous culture along as provide a space for students who identify as Native American/indigenous. In addition to this, we aspire to provide a welcoming, inclusive, non-judgmental support system for anyone wishing to be a part of ISA. 

Constitution| Instagram

Email: isa@csbsju.edu

Leaders:Moses Wiseman & Richard Guerue

Advisor: Ted Gordon

International Affairs Club

To offer Bennies and Johnnies an academic atmosphere to explore international relations. By providing both on-campus research opportunities and off-campus conferences, the International Affairs Clubs seeks to promote civic engagement at both the domestic and international level.

Constitution | Instagram

Email: iaclub@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Gunnar Laughlin and Grace Terlinden

Advisor: Colin Hannigan

Japanese Bunka Club

Engage in cultural exchange that introduces traditional and modern Japanese art forms. Incorporate music, dance, and instruments such as taiko drums and stringed instruments such as the shamisen and sanshin. Actively learn and create a cultural environment through exercise. Combine styles of movement, including Japanese traditional dance, Okinawan dance, karate, ballet, hip hop, and more . Nourish bodies at meetings and practices with Japanese treats

Constitution | Instagram

Email: jbc@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Risa Iida & Hikaru Nakagawa

Advisor: Jeffrey DuBois

Joint Student Muslim Association

The Joint Student Muslim Association seeks to foster unity among Muslim students at CSBSJU, to spread Isamic awareness across campus and to engage in community service.

Constitution | Instagram

Email: JSMA@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Aisha Sadik and Fardusa Ahmed

Advisor: Malik Stewart

Magis Ministries

Purpose: To promote community and faith at CSB/SJU.

Constitution |  Facebook | Instagram

Email: magis@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Rianna Doyle & Emma Zobitz

Advisor: Kari-Shane Davis Zimmerman

Marketing Club

To educate CSB/SJU students about different areas of marketing which includes but may not limit branding, advertising, networking, etc. This will enable them to gain experience in marketing through offering our services as a club to the CSB/SJU community and area businesses.

Constitution |   Facebook Twitter | Instagram

Email: mktgclub@csbsju.edu 

Leaders:  Madison Marquette and Gina Neumann

Advisor: Steve Schwarz

Math Society

The purpose of our club is to help create connections between mathematics majors and professors. We hope to help math majors get to know others in their major in a fun environment. 

Constitution |  Facebook

Email: mathsociety@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Maria Bedford and Emily Mundt

Advisor: Kris Nairn

Nordic Ski 

Promote Nordic skiing and foster a competitive athletic spirit amongst its members.
Educate and encourage members of the CSB/SJU community to experience all that Nordic skiing has to offer.
Endorse the importance of taking pride in being an athlete as well as a student.”

Constitution | Instagram

Email: nordic@csbsju.edu


Advisors: Nicci Malecha

Nursing Club

To promote the nursing major, to bring the nurses together, to offer help and connections and mentorship for underclassmen nurses to upperclassmen nurse.

Constitution |  Facebook | Instagram

Email: nursingclub@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Audrey Everson and Lana Krautkremer

Advisor: Jennifer Peterson

Nutrition Club

The purpose of this club is to promote nutrition awareness and healthful eating practices to the CSB/SJU communities. 

Constitution |  Website |   Facebook Twitter Instagram 

Email: nutrition@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Isabel Lesseig & Shelby Stovern

Advisor: Bernadette Elhard


Physics Club

As stated in our constitution, the mission of Physics club is to explore physics as a field. Physics club is intended to foster interest in physics for students of all majors, and intends to promote this interest through field trips, entertainment, movies and creative science activities.

Constitution |  Website

Email: physicsclub@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Jonah Becken and Maxwell Hansen

Advisor: Jim Crumley

Pre-Dental Club

The purpose of the Pre-Dental Club is to provide information to pre-dental students at CSB/SJU. Our goal is to aid students in the dental school application process in several different ways. With the help of the Pre-Dental Club advisor, we teach students about the steps of the application process. Then, the club provides dental service and learning opportunities to help enhance a student’s application.

Constitution |  Facebook

Email: predental@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Mary Ridgeway and Olivia Flack

Advisor: David Mitchell

Pre-Law Club

Purpose: To provide experiential learning for those interested in law, as well as create a positive environment conducive to learning. 

Constitution |  Facebook | Instagram

Email: prelaw@csbsju.edu 


Advisor: Phil Kronebusch

Pre-Med Club

Purpose: To provide opportunities and resources to students on the pre-med track, to ensure future success in their aspired careers. The club also aims to bring medical school admission representatives onto campus, as well as provide medical related jobs and volunteer opportunities to the student body. 

Constitution |  Facebook | Instagram

Email: premed@csbsju.edu 

Leaders:  Aiden Becken and Ashley Piche

Advisor: David Mitchell 

Pre-PA Club

Purpose: Our club educates students about the PA profession. We hold meetings such as what the PA career is all about, the application process, and what classes students on the Pre-PA Tract should be completing.

Constitution |  Facebook | Instagram

Email: prepaclub@csbsju.edu 


Advisor: Ashley Fink


Purpose: To foster creativity and writing skills among the csbsju community. To share stories and expose students to new ideas and forms of expression.

Constitution |  Facebook | Instagram

Email: pseudonym@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Anna Spreck and Abigail Freeman

Advisor: Matt Callahan


Psychology Club

The purpose of the Psychology Club is to provide psychology-related events to students interested in psychology and to provide and environment that promotes additional or supplemental information regarding psychology.

Constitution  | Instagram

Email: psychclub@csbsju.edu

Leaders:  Claire Oelfke and Ella Windel

Advisor: Erin Donohue & Vimbayi Chinopfukutwa

SJU Club Hockey

  SJU Club Hockey

The Saint John's University Club Hockey Team exists to allow students to play a game that they love at a competitive level against other schools that share the same passion for the game.


Email: sjuclubhockey@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Logan Woods and Ian Aadland

Advisor: Nicci Malecha

SJU Club Lacrosse

The purpose of the St. John's University Lacrosse club is to give students the opportunity to enjoy a sport they are passionate about, and compete at a national level.

Constitution |  Website |  Twitter |  Instagram 

Email: sjulacrosse@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Zack Lynch

Advisor: Nicci Malecha

SJU Club Volleyball

SJU Volleyball

The purpose of this club is to bring members of the Saint John's community together to develop volleyball skills and play the game at a competitive level. 

Constitution |  Website

Email: sjuvb@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Noah Zobitz & Noah Spitzley

Advisor: Nicci Malecha

SJU Rugby

The purpose of SJU Rugby club is to allow students the opportunity to play Rugby.

Constitution |  Website

Email: sjurugby@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Christopher Berry

Advisor: Nicci Malecha

SJU Ultimate Frisbee Club

SJU Ultimate

SJU Ultimate Frisbee Club's purpose is to promote physical, mental and social fitness, to build leadership, initiative, and teamwork amongst the members and to promote the sport of Ultimate in a competitive and sportsman-like manner. 


Email: frisbeeclub@csbsju.edu 

Leader: Thomas Hobday and Felix Huot-Link & Collin Glynn

Advisor: Nicci Malecha

St. Jude at CSB/SJU

St. Jude at CSB/SJU has the following objectives, purposes, and goals:

To unite College of St. Ben's / St. John's University campus in an effort spearheaded and led by College of St. Ben's / St. John's University student body.

To raise much needed dollars for the children of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

To promote the value of service learning to all students at College of St. Ben's / St. John's University.

To provide students the opportunity to accumulate valuable, practical knowledge through their Executive Board planning and program execution work.

Constitution | Website | Instagram

Email: stjudecsbsju@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Hannah Ennis and Annie Luzumann

Advisor: Mark Glen

Ski & Snowboarding Club


We are a close community of students who share the same passion for snow, speed, big air, crazy tricks, and the opportunity to improve our riding skills through practice, instruction and learning.  We believe being on the slopes with a group of students who share these same passions creates strong friendships and an extremely fun and productive learning environment.  The club is also a conduit for providing members the opportunity to experience riding at new and exciting locations around the United States.  Individuals with widespread riding experience are expected to share their knowledge, and those with little experience are expected to learn and grow with optimism and enthusiasm.  All are expected to positively contribute to the riding community.


Email:  snowclub@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Brian Miller and Charlie Matuska

Advisor: Manuel Campos

Spanish Club

The purpose of the Spanish Club is to offer CSB/SJU students the opportunity to participate in fun events celebrating the rich variety of Spanish-speaking cultures throughout Latin America, Spain, and the United States. Additionally, we aim to share our passion for the Spanish language and bolster its importance in our personal and professional lives.

Constitution |  Twitter

Email: spanishclub@csbsju.edu 


Advisor: Sarah Schaaf

Special Olympics Association 

The purpose of The Special Olympics Association is to raise awareness for people with disabilities, promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities, and to educate students and faculty on the CSB/SJU campus about better ways to treat, interact, and build relationships with people with disabilities (pertaining specifically to those with  physical and intellectual disabilities).

Constitution | Instagram

Email: soa@csbsju.edu

Leaders:Audrey Steinhagen and Elianna Knutson

Advisor: Donald Fischer

Students for Life

The purpose is to bring awareness and education to all forms of human life from conception to natural death.

Constitution |  Facebook |  Twitter Instagram

Email: sfl@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Sophie Hazen and Michelle Orso

Advisor: Jim Gramke

Studio One

Volume 44 Studio One cover image,

The purpose of Studio One is to publish a literary journal each year. A group of students get together each week to evaluate poetry, prose, and art submissions to be included in the journal. Once all pieces are selected we work together using InDesign to create the journal. The club is meant to bring together those interested in reading, writing, art, and publishing. Going through the publication process can be especially helpful for those interested in pursuing a career in publishing.


Email: studio1@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Hannah Weldon and Capri Potter

Advisor: Rachel Marston

Sustainability Alliance

The purpose of Sustainability Alliance is to collaborate with students and the Office of Sustainability to promote sustainable living practices among the lives of students. At Sustainability Alliance, we focus on creating programming that supports sustainable living practices, economic choices and relationships.

Constitution | Instagram |  Facebook 

Email: saclub@csbsju.edu 


Advisor: Rachel Broeder

                    Table Top Gaming                 



Email: ttgamingclub@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Sawyer Macht & Jayden Brownlee

Advisor: Jacob Jantzer

The Record

The Record is the official newspaper of CSB/SJU. Their goal is to inform, enlighten, entertain and engage the communities the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University through local news, arts, entertainment, sports news and campus opinions.

Constitution |  Website |  Facebook |  Instagram

Email: record@csbsju.edu 

Leaders: Jacob Gathje & Ketherine Fenske

Advisor: Kelly Smith

The Walking Club

The Walking Club (T.W.C.) is designed to get the people of CSB/SJU to build more admiration for the University by having facilitated walks through campus and the St. John’s Abbey Arboretum.

Constitution | Instagram

Email: walkingclub@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Maria Hall and Anne Koslowski

Advisor: Trevor Keyler

Ukulele Club

● To create and maintain a community of new and experienced ukulele players

● To meet and share an environment of music

● To increase musical participation for students, faculty, and staff of the CSB/SJU community of all ability and interests

Constitution | Instagram

Email: ukuleleclub@csbsju.edu

Leaders: Emma Gronholz & Sara Hoppe

Advisor: Susan Vollbrecht