School of Theology

Class Schedule School of Theology and Seminary

Registration for New or Readmitting Students

Complete a Data Collection form for New or Readmitting Graduate Students

Registration for Current Students

Dropping or adding a class:

  • Through the first week of the semester use Banner Web Self Service to make changes.
  • After the first week of the semester, speak with the Dean of Students for the School of Theology to add a course
  • After the first week of the semester use the SOT drop/withdraw form

Substitution Form - A form utilized to request approval to allow a course or other activity to satisfiy a degree requirement. This CSB/SJU course, course from another institution, or other activity would be something that is not already pre-approved to satisfy the particular degree requirement.

Independent Learning Project (ILP) Form

Auditing Courses
  • Students intending to audit a course (earn no credit) are required to complete an Audit Change of Status Form during the first week of class.
  • When auditing a course, students are expected to attend all regular classes.
  • Change of Status
    • A student who begins a semester registered for credit may change to audit status any time during the first 4 weeks of the semester.
    • A student who begins a semester auditing a course may change to credit-bearing status ONLY during the 1st week of the semester.
  • Courses audited are not included in determining the total credits earned toward a major, total credits earned toward a degree, or in the calcuation of the cumulative grade point average.
  • The credit value of any audited course is calculated in the assessment of tuition.