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The National Student Clearinghouse has been authorized to provide online transcript ordering services for the College of St Benedict & St John's University. Individuals who have both a major credit card and a valid email address can place a transcript order through this service.

Ordering Site

Transcripts that are cleared for release by the Student Accounts Office are sent within 1 business day of receipt of the request.

Additional Current Student Transcript Options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Why can't I find CSB or SJU when I am searching for them?

The institutions are only accessible as "College of St Benedict & St John's University (MN)."

Q:  How much does a transcript cost through the National Student Clearinghouse?

                                                                            Fee per Copy              Effective May 1, 2023**
Mail/Hold for Pickup                                          $10.50                                 $10.90
Electronic Transcript Exchange (ETX*)          $10.50                                 $10.90
Official PDF                                                           $12.25                                  $12.65

*ETX is a secure data exchange between CSB/SJU and select other educational institutions/organizations. When ETX is available, the electronic PDF option will NOT be available in the ordering process.
**The National Student Clearinghouse increased transcript processing fees $0.40 per recipient to meet ever-increasing business costs and ensure that they continue to deliver and improve the high-quality services we/you rely on.

Q: What if my transcript order is placed on a hold?

eTranscript requests that are on hold will remain in the system for 15 days. If the hold is not resolved, the order will be automatically cancelled .

Q:  How do I track the status of my transcript order?

Q:  How do I retain a copy of an official PDF without a password?

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