Common Issues while using Banner Web-Self Service

  1. Your PIN # doesn't work
    Solution: If you are unsure if you have a correct/valid registration pin, you can always verify your pin by attempting to log into class registration. If you attempt to login with an invalid registration PIN, you will get the following error message "Invalid alternate pin, please try again."
    If you do not get this error message, re‑check your PIN and carefully re‑enter the PIN #. You may have to exit Self-Service completely and login again. Please note: the PIN # is not displayed (for security reasons) as you enter it on the computer.

  2. You lost your PIN #
    Solution: Contact your Advisor to get your Pin # again, or bring your Advisor's signature to the Registrar's Office. (PIN #'s cannot be obtained in the Computer Access Areas)

  3. You entered the wrong CRN #
    Solution: Self-Service allows you to make changes to your registration. You may make changes on Self-Service through the first week of the semester.

  4. While using Self-Service it displays: "This session for your login has expired"
    Solution: Self-Service is programmed to log off of the registration screen if you leave the screen idle for more than 15 minutes. If this should this happen, simply sign on again.

  5. Self-Service shows the status of a course as 'open' but it will not permit you to register for the course
    Solution: You may not meet the prerequisites or restrictions for that course. Check the notes in the class schedule under that course or contact the Registrar's Office.