Fall 2012 Class Schedule Updates

This is a resource for changes that have been made to the Fall 2012 Class Schedule since publication.

New courses added since publication
Changes to existing courses
Common Curriculum (additional courses approved to fulfill requirements)
Course descriptions
Special notations & clarificatons by Department
Miscellaneous changes & corrections

Important notes:

Internships and Independent Studies

If you are planning on doing an internship or an independent study and don't have the paperwork completed at this time, don't forget to sign up for one of the following:

       pending internship CRN 11192 DNA 397-01A
pending ILP lower division CRN 11190 DNA 271-01A
pending ILP upper division CRN 11191 DNA 371-01A 

Variable credit courses

If you are signing up for a variable credit course, please be sure to enter the credit amount you wish to receive for the course. The credit amount you are registered for can impact your status as a full-time student or your financial aid.

Accuracy of your schedule

If you sign up for a course & do not attend, you are responsible for formally dropping the course either through Banner Web Self Service the first four days of class or by submitting a completed drop/add card to the Registrar's Office by the published deadlines.  Failure to do so can result in a failing grade for the course.

Courses that fulfill common curriculum requirements

Did you know that it is easy to search for courses that fulfill a particular common curriculum requirement:

        In Banner Web, highlight all subjects
Select at least one attribute & chose "class search"