Fall 2002 Class Schedule - Supplement #6

This message includes information regarding new courses added to the Fall Term listing and updated information regarding other courses that occurred after the Fall Registration book went to press. All class schedule supplements are also published on the Registrar's Website.

New Courses:

Call #11647:   LATN 111-02A Elementary Latin I, days 2-4-6 at 1-2:10pm in Quad 252, taught by Margaret Cook
Call #11641:   MUSC 240-11A Guitar Quartet-(1 credit with FA pending), days, times & room TBA, taught by Nicholas Raths
Call #11642:   MUSC 240-12A Guitar Quartet-(0 credit), days, times & room TBA, taught by Nicholas Raths
Call #11658:   PHIL 150-02A Philosophy in Literature (HML), days 1-3-5 at 1-2:10pm in MAIN 322, taught by Tony Cunningham
Call #11640:   SOCI 111-06A (Intro to Sociology(SSL)), days 2-4-6 at 9:40-10:50am in SIMNS 340, taught by Richard Albares. Course has global & gender flags.

Change in Course: (Changes listed in RED)

Call #10011     ACCT 114-01A instructor: Mary Jepperson
Call #11536     ART 240-01A instructor/cycle/time: Marsha Olson, taught on Mondays from 6-9pm in BAC A104. See course description below.
Call #10154     CHEM 123-03A instructor: Bradley DeLeeuw
Call #10156     CHEM 123-05A instructor: Bradley DeLeeuw
Call #10336     CSCI 130-03A instructor: Christopher Lusena
Call #10337     CSCI 130-04A instructor: Christopher Lusena
Call #10341     CSCI 150-04A instructors: Lynn Ziegler & John Miller
Call #10342     CSCI 150-05A instructors: Lynn Ziegler & John Miller
Call #10349     CSCI 210-01A instructors: Carl Burch & John Miller
Call #10394     EDUC 105-05A instructor: Lynn Moore
Call #11612     EDUC 200-03A instructor: Mariterese Woida
Call #10431     EDUC 354-01A instructor: Jeanette Allen
Call #10433     EDUC 354-03A instructor: Jeanette Allen
Call #10440     EDUC 357-01A instructor: Nancy Lorentz
Call #10442     EDUC 357-03A instructor: Jeanette Allen
Call #10518     GEOG 230-01A instructor: Janet Rith-Najarian
Call #11571     HONR 230-01A now open to all students
Call #10694     MGMT 301-03A instructor: Wendy Klepetar
Call #10695     MGMT 301-04A instructor: Robert Nelson
Call #10704     MGMT 311-01A instructor: Virginia Arthur
Call #10720     MGMT 361-01A instructor: Tim Chirhart
Call #11247     SPAN 112-09A instructor/room: Nelsy Solano, SIMNS G10
Call #11248     SPAN 112-10A instructor/room: Elizabeth Guzman, HAB 118
Call #11252     SPAN 112-14A instructor/room: Elizabeth Guzman, HAB 115
Call #11260     SPAN 211-07A instructor/room: Ivonne Recinos, HAB 118
Call #11261     SPAN 211-08A instructor/room: Ivonne Recinos, HAB 015
Call #11262     SPAN 211-09A instructor/room: Ivonne Recinos, HAB 118
Call #10741     MUSC 102-01A day: Thursday from 2:40-3:50pm
Call #10868     MUSC 243-01A time: 6:00-8:30pm
Call #10869     MUSC 243-02A time: 6:00-8:30pm
Call #10913     NRSG 332-07A instructor: Janet Neuwirth
Call #10917     NRSG 333-01A instructor: Carie Braun/Janet Neuwirth
Call #10920     NRSG 335-01A instructor: Ellen Ellickson
Call #10922     NRSG 335-02A instructor: Ellen Ellickson/Denise Meijer
Call #10923     NRSG 335-03A instructor: Ellen Ellickson
Call #10924     NRSG 335-04A instructor: Ellen Ellickson/Luann Reif
Call #10925     NRSG 335-05A instructor: Ellen Ellickson/Staff
Call #10926     NRSG 335-06A instructor: Ellen Ellickson/Laura Rodgers
Call #10933     NRSG 346-01A instructor: Rachelle Parsons/Luann Reif/Renotta Stainbrook
Call #10937     NRSG 347-01A instructor: Rachelle Parsons/Luann Reif/Ron Hemmesch
Call #10938     NRSG 347-02A instructor: Rachelle Parsons/Ron Hemmesch
Call #11591     NRSG 361-02A day/time: Monday from 6:15-8:15pm
Call #10946     NRSG 365-01A instructor: Kathleen Ohman/Laura Horn/Joyce Simones
Call #10947     NRSG 365-02A day/time: Monday from 4:30-6:00pm
Call #10949     NRSG 366-01A instructor: Kathleen Ohman/Laura Horn/Joyce Simones
Call #10967     NUTR 225-03A cycle day: 1


COLG 130-01A    EMT Basics
CORE 390-13A    Senior Seminar
MUSC 244-01A   Gregorian Chant Schola (FA)
MUSC 244-02A   Gregorian Chant Schola
SPAN 150-01A    Intensive Beginning Spanish
PHIL 130-01A     Philosophy in Literature (HML)
SOCI 335-01A    Sociology of Religion

Gender flag:

SOCI 111-06A     Intro to Sociology(SSL), taught by Richard Albares

Global flag:

SOCI 111-06A     Intro to Sociology(SSL), taught by Richard Albares

Course description:

Instructor: Marsha Olson
This course examines the art of East Asia from its beginnings to the present day. It will involve a regional approach, focusing on representative works from China, Japan, and Korea. Through a variety of media, including sculpture, architecture, and painting, the class will gain an understanding of the broad themes and concepts that run throughout Asian art. Part of this includes an understanding of the role that religion plays. Thus, a basic comprehension of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Shinto, as well as their influences on the arts, will be attained. The structure of the class will include slide lectures, in-class discussions and exercises, and a visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

ENGL 133-03A:   READ FICT/POET (HML) - Introduction to Literature:  Fiction, Poetry and Drama
Instructor: S. Eva Hooker
The study of  literature as the shaping of language to "contain" encounter (erotic, cerebral, divine), union & breakings, crossings & clearings, mappings & exploration, loss & discord, terror & hate, anger & pity.  We will explore relationships between the written text and music and painting.  We will explore the "whys" of how we read, i.e. critical theory.

Texts: Anne Carson-Plainwater; Mark Doty-Still Life with Oysters and Lemon; Mary Oliver-West Wind; Toni Morrison-Jazz; Michael Ondaatje-Anil's Ghost; Frank Bidart-Music Like Dirt; Wesley McNair-My Brother Running.

Selected poems by Wyhatt, Donne, Shakespeare and Dickinson.
Selected poems by very contemporary writers.
A play by Shakespeare.
An essay or other non-fiction forms.
Writing:  at least 3 critical essays and 1 poem or lyric prose piece.

Correction of dates for Modular Scheduling on page 5 of the Fall 2002 Class Schedule:

A1 1-3-5 August 28 September 19
A2 2-4-6 August 29 September 20
B1 1-3-5 September 23 October 17
B2 2-4-6 September 24 October 18
C1 1-3-5 October 21 November 12
C2 2-4-6 October 22 November 13
D1 1-3-5 November 14 December 11
D2 2-4-6 November 15 December 12