Fall 2002 Class Schedule - Supplement #5

This message includes information regarding new courses added to the Fall Term listing and updated information regarding other courses that occurred after the Fall Registration book went to press.  All class schedule supplements are also published on the Registrar's Website.

New Courses:

Call #11610:  ART 113-04A            (Intro to 2D Arts (FA)), days 1 & 3 at 1-3:50pm in ART 116, taught by Jim Hendershot.  Course has a $20 fee.
Call #11621:  COMM 245-02A       (Intro to Media Writing), Tuesday & Thursdays at 4:15-6:00 pm in BAC A106, taught by Dana Drazenovich
Call #11612:  EDUC 200-03A         (The Developing Person (SSL)), days 1-3-5 at 11:20-12:30 pm in ARDLF 127, taught by Janne Lillestol
Call #11615:  MGMT 201-05A        (Intro to Management), days 1-3-5 at 2:40–3:50pm in Quad 250, taught by John Hasselberg
Call #11620:  MGMT 321-04A        (Principles of Marketing), days 2-4-6 at 11:20-12:30pm in PENGL 369, taught by Jane Kathman


Call #10370:  ECON 111-03A         (Intro to Econ (SSL)), days 1-3-5 11:20-12:30pm in MAIN 223, taught by John Olson

Change in Course:    (Changes listed in RED)

Call #10388    ECON 384-01A          instructor:  Margaret Lewis
Call #10685    MGMT 241-01A         instructor/room:  Karleen Nordquist in MAIN 356
Call #10694    MGMT 301-03A         instructor:  Staff
Call #10695    MGMT 301-04A         instructor:  Staff
Call #11249    SPAN 112-11A          instructor:  Nelsy Echavez Solano
Call #11253    SPAN 112-15A          instructor:  Nelsy Echavez Solano
Call #11275    SPAN 312-02A          instructor:  Nelsy Echavez Solano
Call #11289    SWRK 343-01A          time:  1:00-4:00
Call #11291    SWRK 345-01A          time:  1:00-4:00
Call #11293    SWRK 347-01A          instructor:  John Yoakam
Call #11296    SWRK 396-01A          day/room:  day 2 in HAB 102B
Call #11352    THEO 180-16A          instructor/cycle/time:  Todd Butler, days 2-4-6 at 9:40-10:50 in Quad 360B


ECON 334-02A          Quantitative Methods in Economics
EDUC 354-02A          Mid Level Literacy 5-8
EDUC 390-02A          Human Relations
MGMT 241-03A         Qualitative & Quantitative Methods
MGMT 305-04A         Managing Non-Profit Organizations
SWRK 330-01A         Non-Profit Administration

Writing flag:

MATH 340-01A         Mathematical Modeling, taught by Robert Hesse