Spring 2002 Class Schedule - Supplement #5

This message includes information regarding new courses added to the Spring Term listing and updated information regarding other courses that occurred after the Spring Registration book went to press.


Spring Break begins at 5:00 pm on Friday, February 22. Classes resume on Monday, March 4.

Final Exam Schedule Correction-

Study Day - Monday, May 6th
1st Day of Exams - Tuesday, May 7th
2nd Day of Exams - Wednesday, May 8th
3rd Day of Exams - Thursday, May 9th
4th Day of Exams - Friday, May 10th

New Courses:

Call #11562: BIOL 372-02A (Biological Techniques) taught by Steve Saupe

Change in Course: (Changes listed in RED)

Call #10026 ART 110-01A    instructor: Mary Cunninham
Call #10057 ASTR 212-01A  instructor: Tom Kirkman
Call #10056 ASTR 212-02A  instructor: Tom Kirkman
Call #10513 HIST 152-02A   instructor: William Green
Call #10532 HIST 399-01A   instructor: Greg Schroeder
Call #11088 SPAN 111-02A  room: Quad 261
Call #11515 MATH 119-03A  days/cycle: days 1 & 5
Call #10763 MUSC 240-01A  instructor:
Marianne Meidl
Call #11395 MUSC 240-02A  instructor: Marianne Meidl
Call #11495 PHYS 106-07A  instructor: Dean Langley
Call #10896 PHED 206-01A  instructor: Janna LaFountaine
Call #10953 PHYS 370-01A  instructor: Dean Langley
Call #11196 THEO 180-05A  room: Main 323


HIST 140-02A - European Experience (HML)
THEO 180-09A -
XTN Tradition (TH)

Global Flag:

MGMT 309-01A - International Management Seminar as taught by Ron Bosrock

Humanities Upper Division designation:

COMM 305-01A - Women's Voices Before 1920

Course Description:

BIOL 374-02A Biological Techniques: An Introduction to Aerobiology:
A Study of Airborne Pollen & Spores in Central Minnesota
During the spring semester the Biology Department will offer a mini-course on the biology of pollen and spores. We will meet once per cycle in a seminar/workshop format to learn about airborne allergens, pollen and spore biology, and how to measure/monitor pollen in the air. The ultimate goal is to establish a pollen biology center on campus that will record daily pollen/spore counts.  If you are interested, contact Dr. Saupe (x2782; ssaupe@csbsju.edu.  You can register for the course, Biol 374, via the standard procedures on the web.  Prerequisites BIOL 115 & BIOL 116; Requirements: Attendance and full participation in all classes, class presentation/discussion leader, pollen/spore data collection (collect and record pollen/spore data for time period during the spring); Grading: A - F


NRSG 110-01A Fee $5