Spring 2002 Class Schedule - Supplement #4

This message includes information regarding new courses added to the Spring Term listing and updated information regarding other courses that occurred after the Spring Registration book went to press.

New Courses:

Call #11515: MATH 119-03A (Calculus I (MT)) days 2-4-6 from 9:40-10:50 in PENGL 167 with lab on days 3-5 from 2:40-3:50 in PENGL 225, taught by Shobha Deshmukh

Change in Course: (Changes listed in RED)

Call #10316  CSCI 160-02A    day of cycle: 3
Call #10358  ECON 384-01A   room: MAIN 320
Call #11287  ECON 384-02A   room: MAIN 320
Call #10363  EDUC 107-01A   instructor: Tom Andert
Call #10364  EDUC 107-02A   instructor: Tom Andert
Call #10572  MATH 114-01A   instructor: Marc Brodie
Call #10592  MATH 124-03A   instructor/room: Shobha Deshmukh, PENGL 229
Call #10593  MATH 124-04A   instructor: Shobha Deshmukh
Call #10596  MATH 124-07A   instructor/room: Mike Tangredi, HAB 015
Call #10601  MATH 240-01A   instructor: Phil Byrne
Call #10602  MATH 241-01A   room: PENGL 248
Call #10947  PHYS 332-01A   note: Fee $20
Call #10953  PHYS 370-01A   note: Fee $20
Call #11500  POLS 121-01A   instructor: Vera Eccarius-Kelly
Call #11197  THEO 180-06A   instructor:
Christian Morris


POLS 111-01A - Intro to US Politics (SSL)


CORE 359-71A - Themes in Scripture
EDUC 107-04A - Intro to Teaching/Learning
EDUC 200-02A - The Developing Person (SSL)
EDUC 390-03A - Human Relations

MATH 341-01A - Fourier Series/BVP's
THEO 309-71A - Themes in Scripture

Writing Flag:

HIST 368-01A - U.S. & and the World as taught by Ken Jones

Humanities Upper Division designation:

SPAN 355-02A - Desire and Passion in Contemporary Spanish Literature

Judeo Christian Heritage designation:

CORE 359-70A - Community, Ministry & Woman