Spring 2002 Class Schedule - Supplement #3

This message includes information regarding new courses added to the Spring Term listing and updated information regarding other courses that occurred after the Spring Registration book went to press.

New Courses:

Call #11496: ENGL 133-03A (Reading Fiction & Poetry(HML)) days 1-3-5 from 2:40-3:50pm in BAC A108, taught by Mary Jane Berger
Call #11501: FREN 353-01A (French Conversation Practicum) days/times tba, taught by Chuck Villette
Call #11497: PHIL 123-03A (Philosophy of Human Nature(HML)) days 1-3-5 from 11:20-12:30 in HAB 121, taught by Rosalyn Schmitt
Call #11495: PHYS 106-07A (Laboratory) day 1 from 8-11am in PENGL 102
Call #11500: POLS 121-03A (International Relations (SSL)) days 1-3-5 from 8-9:10am in SIMNS G10
Call #11491: POLS 211-02A (Politics & Political LIfe) days 2-4-6 from 1-2:10pm in MAIN 323, taught by James Read
Call #11493: PSYC 235-04A (Research Methods) days 2-4-6 from 8-10:50am in NEWSC 246, taught by Rodger Narloch
Call #11489: SWRK 349-01A (Junior Practicum)

Change in Course: (Changes listed in RED)

Call #10140   CHEM 234-01A lab time: 8-12:00 pm
Call #10150   CHEM 236-04A instructor: Ed McIntee
Call #10151   CHEM 236-05A instructor: Ed McIntee
Call #10152   CHEM 236-06A instructor: Chris Schaller
Call #10153   CHEM 236-07A instructor: Kate Graham
Call #10154   CHEM 236-08A instructor: Ed McIntee
Call #10155   CHEM 236-09A instructor: Chris Schaller
Call #11272   CHEM 236-10A instructor: Brian Johnson
Call #11273   CHEM 325-01A day/time/room: day 6 from 8-9:10 in ARDLF 104
Call #10165   CHEM 351-01A instructor: Kate Graham
Call #11274   COMM 225-01A prerequisite: COMM or COMM 101
Call #10378   EDUC 212-01A instructor: Doug Mullin
Call #10354   ECON 333-01A instructor: Louis Johnston
Call #10358   ECON 384-01A instructor: John Olson
Call #10462   FREN 211-01A instructor: Camilla Krone
Call #10467   FREN 311-01A instructor: Vera Theisen
Call #10468   FREN 312-01A instructor: Vera Theisen
Call #10483   GERM 112-01A cycle/room: 1-3-5 in QUAD 252
Call #11318   MGMT 380-01A prerequisite: Senior & Junior MGMT majors
Call #11464   NUTR 332-01A credit value:
0 credit


ENGL 315-02A - Writing Lives
FREN 332-01A - 20th Century French Literature
MCLT 340-01A - Gender & Modern Culture (HMU)
PHIL 368-01A - Whitehead (HMU)
PHYS 217-02A - Digital Electronics Laboratory
PHYS 338-02A - Analog Electronics Laboratory
POLS 111-01A - Intro to US Politics (SSL)
POLS 312-01A - American Political Thought
PSYC 111-02A - Intro to Psychology (SSL)

Global Flag:

ART 101-01A - Art, Aesthetics & Culture as taught by Terri Hauptman

Fine Arts designation:

ART 240-01A - World Art

Judeo Christian Heritage designation:

CORE 355-71A - Sex, Money & The Christian Life