Spring 2002 Class Schedule - Supplement #2 This message includes information regarding new courses

New Courses:

Call #11486:  PHED 310-01A     (Spirituality & the Athlete) days 1-3-5 from 11:20-12:30pm in Quad 339. Cross-listed with CORE 360-01A
Call #11487:  CORE 360-01A     (Spirituality & the Athlete (JC)) days 1-3-5 from 11:20-12:30pm in Quad 339
. Cross-listed with PHED 310-01A

Change in Course: (Changes listed in RED)

Call #10142 CHEM 234-03A     time: 1-5:00 pm
Call #10156 CHEM 320-01A     day/time/room: day 1 from 1-2:10 in ARDLF 135
Call #11324 COLG 140-01A     time/room: 11:20-12:30 in MAIN 323
Call #10267 CORE 201-01A     day/time/room: 1-3-5 at 1-2:10 in HAB 119
Call #10307 CORE 390-39A     instructor: Jeff Anderson (Australian program)
Call #10358 ECON 384-01A     cycle: 2-4-6
Call #11287 ECON 384-02A     cycle: 2-4-6
Call #10454 ENVR 251-02A     time: from 1-4:00
Call #10455 ENVR 251-03A     time: from 1-4:00
Call #10949 PHYS 341-01A     cycle/time/room: days 2-4-6 at 9:40-10:50 in NEWSC 254
Call #10333 SOCI 346-39A      instructor: Staff (Australian program)
Call #11165 THEA 105-01A     time: from 1-2:30 not 2:10
Call #11196 THEO 180-05A     room:
MAIN 009

Course descriptions:

SPAN 355-01A   Contemporary Latin American Poetry
This course will focus on poetry written after 1960. It will begin with a brief overview of how poetry developed in Latin America this century, from the ornamental poetry of Ruben Dario and Modernismo, to the avant-garde metaphors of Jorge Luis Borges and Ultraismo, and into the various periods of Pablo Neruda's poetry. The bulk of the course will then include such authors as Alejandra Pizarnik, Jorge Luis Borges, Roberto Juarroz, Santiago Sylvester and José Isaacson from Argentina; Gonzalao Millan from Chile; David Huerta and Octavio Paz from Mexico. These are all quite intellectual writers, with a philosophical focus and a concern for language. But they are also interesting and fun to read. What is fascinating is how much they can say in their fairly short poems.

SPAN 355-02A   Desire and Passion in Contemporary Spanish Literature
The longing, especially for the unattainable, has motivated an unflagging pursuit to satiate an appetite or emotional need. These deeply stirring and, at times, ungovernable ardors have been the subject of many of Spain’s greatest literary works and the focus of this course. We will examine the desires and passions that move characters and reflect the state of contemporary Spain. We will study selected works of poetry, theatre and narrative and focus on the nature of Spanish society and culture within the past 10 years. Note: HMU, Gender flag & GWST Cross listing pending upon approval.
Prerequisite: Span 312 and one upper-division literature or culture course


CHEM 234-06A - General Chemistry II