Spring 2002 Class Schedule - Supplement #1

This message includes information regarding new courses added to the Spring Term listing and updated information regarding other courses that occurred after the Spring Registration book went to press.

Date changes:

Inside front cover:  Spring grades are due May 17 not June 17
Page 6:  Final exam schedule days should read
Tuesday, May 7; Wednesday, May 8; Thursday, May 9; Friday, May 10

New Courses:

Call #11485: COLG 105-01A (EMT Basics) Mondays & Wednesdays from 6-10pm in NEWSC 140. See description below
Call #11481: THEO 349-71A (Sex and Money in the Christian Life) days 2-4-6 at 2:40-3:50pm in BAC 104 taught by David Cloutier. See description below
Call #11480: SSOT 401-01A (Biblical Hebrew) days Monday & Wednesday at 8:00-9:30am in Emmaus 020 taught by Dale Launderville, 3 credits, A-F grading

Change in Course: (Changes listed in RED)

Call #10074 BIOL 116-12A instructor: Steve Saupe
Call #11268 BIOL 214-04A time: 2:40 - 5:30
Call #11269 BIOL 214-05A instructor: Jean Lust
Call #10095 BIOL 236-06A instructor: Elizabeth Wurdak
Call #11260 BIOL 336-01A Prereq: BIOL 115/116
Call #10403 EDUC 357-02A cycle/time: AB mod days 2-4-6 at 9:40-10:50am
Call #10453 ENVR 251-01A cycle/time/room: days 1-3-5 at 11:20-12:30 in PENGL 342
Call #10454 ENVR 251-02A cycle/time/room: day 1 at 1-2:10 in PENGL 342
Call #10455 ENVR 251-03A cycle/time/room: day 1 at 1-2:10 in PENGL 338
Call #10600 MATH 239-01A time: 1:00-2:10
Call #11316 MGMT 341-02A note: This section focuses on the service sector
Call #11321 NRSG 337-04A Fee $40. Prereq: NRSG 330, 332, 333, 335. Co-Req: NRSG 336-01A
Call #11322 NRSG 337-05A Fee $40. Prereq: NRSG 330, 332, 333, 335. Co-Req: NRSG 336-01A
Call #11323 NRSG 337-06A Fee $40. Prereq: NRSG 330, 332, 333, 335. Co-Req: NRSG 336-01A
Call #10818 NRSG 340-02A day: Thursday
Call #10904 PHED 308-01A cycle/time/room: days 1-3-5 at 9:40-10:50. B mod will be in HCC B-16, CD mods will be in WARNP 256
Call #10942 PHYS 200-02A instructor: Chris Glosser
Call #10943 PHYS 200-03A instructor: Chris Glosser
Call #10944 PHYS 200-04A instructor: Chris Glosser
Call #10946 PHYS 320-01A instructor: Dean Langley Prereq: PHYS 211. Co-Requisite: MATH 337
Call #10949 PHYS 341-01A instructor: Clayton Gearhart
Call #10950 PHYS 343-01A Prereq: PHYS 320
Call #10951 PHYS 344-01A Prereq: PHYS 320 & PHYS 339
Call #11159 SWRK 251-01A time: days 2-4-6 at 1:00-2:10 in HAB 119. This course has a staff global flag.
Call #11177 THEA 260-01A cycle/day/time:AB Tuesday from 6:30-9:30pm

Special notes:

ART 217 Art Majors/Minors given preference
ART 218 Art Majors/Minors given preference
BIOL 112 SWRK majors given preference
CHEM 234 CHEM & BCHM majors given preference
CHEM 236 CHEM & BCHM majors given preference
CORE 390-14A MATH & CSCI majors given preference
ENGL 315-01A Registration priority for ENGL majors
ENGL 315-02A Open to all SO, JN & SR
GEOG 230 ELED majors & minors given preference
GWST 270 Written permission of instructor
GWST 370 Written permission of instructor
HIST 365 Open only to JN & SR HIST, SOSC & ELED majors

Course descriptions:

COLG 105-01A EMT Basic 2 credits
Additional emergency room observation time is also required. GRADING: S-U onlyThis course covers basic minimal emergency care required to work on an ambulance or fist responder squad throughout the 50 states in the U.S. The course offers basic to more advanced techniques and principles of pre-hospital emergency care. Students must be at least eighteen years old to take the National and State Certification exams. Students who have been convicted of a felony should contact the course coordinator.
PREREQUISITES: 1) Permission of instructor 2) Current certification in “CPR for the Professional Rescuer” 3) Hepatitis B immunization encouraged prior to beginning of course 4) Mantoux or other TB test within 6 months of course. It is NOT possible to register for this course via WEBSTER. All students desiring to register must submit a completed questionnaire to Dr. Hafner at the SJU Health Center. Questionnaires and more information are available on the SJU Health Center website.
INTENDED FOR: CSB and SJU sophomores and juniors. First-year students and seniors admitted on a limited basis.
EVALUATION: The student will be evaluated by the instructor for passing of the practical portions of the class, according to the standards in the tests, handouts, and lecture. There are several quizzes throughout the class and a final written and practical test, minimum passing score will be 80%. Must take and pass National and State EMT exams to earn passing grade in the course.
FEES: approximately $600 (This fee is based on a minimum enrollment of 15.) plus $15 money order to the National Registry for the exam.

CORE 355-70A / THEO 349-70A Health & Healing (HMU & JC)
This course explores the fascinating subject of our own health and that of others. Is health merely physical or is it a state of personal well-being? This course examines many dimensions of how we care for ourselves, how we care for others, and we examine why a given choice might be morally acceptable or unacceptable. Recent developments in bio-technology, rapid progress in mapping the human genome, controversies concerning end of life care, decisions about who gets care and who does not--all of these burning issues of our time demand our attention. In this course we reflect on who makes decisions (patient? Doctor? Family? Insurance company? Government administrator?) and why. We consider recent medical and surgical breakthroughs, but we also study the recent phenomenon of doctors challenging other doctors to recognize the healing power of prayer and spirituality and to change their perception of reality. We will incorporate service learning to help us see how these issues apply to real life situations. Clearly this calls us to examine the heritage of healing in the Christian tradition, and our own personal convictions regarding health and healing.

THEO 349-71A Sex and Money in the Christian Life (JC & HMU pending on this course)
What to do with our bodies and our possessions has been (and continues to be) a very central concern for the Christian moral life. Often, these two topics are considered separately, but issues of sexuality and wealth are intertwined tightly throughout scripture and in our present society. This course will deal directly with the central concerns of both sexual ethics (marriage, monogamy, reproductive technologies, etc.) and economic ethics (sharing, the nature of property, the just wage, capitalism and socialism as economic systems), and then look at how the practices involved in each are linked in scripture, tradition, and contemporary American society.


BIOL 327-03A - Plant Physiology Lab
THEO 342-70A - Theology of Sexuality & Marriage
JRSM 406-01A - Biblical Historical Sites
LTGY 468-02A - Jewish Prayer/Liturgy
SSNT 419-01A - Gospel of Luke
SSOT 412-01A - Prophetic Tradition

Gender flag designation:

GWST 290-01A ...... Women's Lives in a Global Perspective taught by Vera Theisen

Global flag designation:

GWST 290-01A ...... Women's Lives in a Global Perspective taught by Vera Theisen

Writing flag designation:

ENGL 315-02A ...... Writing Lives taught by Mary Jane Berger