Fall 2001 Class Schedule - Supplement #1

This message includes information regarding new courses added to the Fall Term listing and updated information regarding other courses that occurred after the Fall Registration book went to press.

New Courses:

Call #11619: ENVR 395-50A (Research Seminar) day 5 from 1-6 pm in PENGL 325 ENVR Learning Community only
Call #10530: GEOL 213-03A (Laboratory) Day 5 from 2:20-4:00 pm in PENGL 032
Call #11608: GEOL 380-01A (Geoscience Literature - 1 credit) days, time & room TBA - taught by Larry Davis
Call #11609: MUSC 272-01A (Jazz Guitar (FA)) days/time TBA - taught by Robert Koopmann
- A-F grading only
Call #11607: MUSC 327-01A (Music for Liturgy) days/time TBA - taught by Michelle Plombon

Change in Course:
(Changes listed in RED)

Call #10025: ACCT 355-01A time: 1-2:10 in SIMNS 310
Call #10033: ART 101-01A room: ART 116
Call #10112: BIOL 235-03A room: ALCUL AV1
Call #11415: BIOL 324-01A prereq should read: BIOL 115 & 116 instead of CHEM 235
Call #10220: COMM 349-01A prereq COMM 103. COMM majors will be given preference.
Call #10492: ENVR 250-50A days: 1-3-5 time: 11:20-12:30 pm room: PENGL 319 ENVR Learning Community only.
Call #10493: ENVR 250-50B days: 1 time: 1:00-4:00 pm room: PENGL 338 ENVR Learning Community only.
Call #10666: MATH 239-02A instructor: Robert Hesse room: PENGL 248
Call #11563: MGMT 380-01A day: Monday
Call #11205: SPAN 111-02A time/room: 2:40-3:50pm in HAB 101
Call #11214: SPAN 112-07A room: Quad 247 instructor: Maria Felix Cubas
Call #11216: SPAN 112-09A cycle: 2-4-6 room: Quad 446 instructor: Edward Baranowski
Call #11218: SPAN 112-11A instructor: Maria Felix Cubas
Call #11219: SPAN 112-12A room: Quad 446 instructor: Edward Baranowski
Call #11222: SPAN 112-15A instructor: Maria Felix Cubas
Call #11489: SPAN 312-02A room: Quad 343 instructor: Edward Baranowski
Call #11491: SPAN 355-01A cycle/time/room: 1-3-5 at 2:40-3:50pm in HAB 101
Call #11570: NUTR 225-01A grading type: A-F grading only
Call #10950: NUTR 337-01A lab time: 1-4 pm grading type: A-F grading only
Call #11572: NUTR 342-01A grading type: S/U grading only
Call #11191: SOCI 111-05A instructor: Dennis Waskul
Call #11194: SOCI 201-01A instructor: Dennis Waskul
Call #11195: SOCI 201-02A instructor: Dennis Waskul
Call #11278: THEA 260-01A day: Wednesday from 6:30-9:30 in BAC A104 - taught by
Lori Koenig


BIOL 235-01A - Human Anatomy/Physiology
BIOL 235-02A - Human Anatomy/Physiology
ENVR 250-50C - Laboratory
MGMT 318-01A - International Organizational Behavior
MGMT 341-01A - Operations Management

Course descriptions:

ENVR 395-50A    Research Seminar 4 credits
This learning community will provide an opportunity for independent or collaborative exploration of economic and environmental issues related to Northern Minnesota. Students will design and conduct research projects and present their findings to affected communities or groups in the region. This project will this project will satisfy the ILP requirement of the Environmental Studies Program.

GEOL 380-01A    Geoscience Literature 1 credit
The purpose of this course is to examine the geology of North America through the writings of John McPhee, a popular geoscience writer. In 1978, New Yorker magazine staff writer John McPhee began making notes for a series of books about the geological history of North America. These books are now combined into a single volume Annals of the Former World. Basin and Range is a study of the mountainous lands between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevadas. In Suspect Terrain is a grand overview of the geological history of the Appalachian mountain system. Rising From the Plains is a look at the history of the Rocky Mountains, set largely in Wyoming. Assembling California is a survey of a natural laboratory on tectonic activity. Crossing the Craton defines the continent's ancient core - the rocks underlying Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. In Annals of the Former World, McPhee distills and explains the complex geology of these different regions in the words of a layperson. He does so as a dialog between geologists and himself. It is a authoritative work of popular science for individuals interested in geology and good writing.

Prequisites : Geol 211, 212, OR 213.

MUSC 272-01A     Jazz Guitar (FA) 1 credit
Individual, once per cycle, lessons in playing jazz guitar with master jazz guitarist/teacher, David Singley. A-F grading only.

Prerequisites : 1) at least six months of private guitar lessons; 2) knowledge of "barre" chord forms; 3) basic ability to read standard musical notation. Students will be notified by e-mail in the Fall about setting up lesson times. Questions can be directed to Fr. Bob Koopmann at extension 3370 or e-mail rkoopmann@csbsju.edu