Fall 2024 INTG 300 Course proposal information - SUBJECT TO CHANGE 

INTG 300-01A  Berg, Kelly

Transitioning to a life outside of CSB+SJU can be anxiety-producing, but it also can be empowering. This section of INTG 300 will reflect on your learning and experiences while at CSB+SJU and help you set a plan as you embark on the next part of your life journey.

INTG 300-02A, 03A Drazenovich, Dana

This section of INTG 300 will help you identify your personal “brand” by exploring your beliefs, values, skills, purpose, personality, voice and style and the way your CSB and SJU experience has helped shape you into the unique individual you are and inspired the contributions you hope to make in your personal life, community, and profession as you transition into your post-college life.

 INTG 300-04A Haeg, Claire

This course will examine how the political and legal systems work for the common good. The class will focus on works of fiction and non-fiction and address how the political and legal systems produced laws that expanded civil liberties and civil rights in the US from the 1950s to today.

 INTG 300-05A Johnson, Scott


INTG 300-06A Kachelski, Robert

In this course, we will examine a recent framework describing “cyber-wisdom”, including how it can be developed individually and in the service of the common good. Through class discussions and writing assignments, we will critically evaluate this proposed framework and the authors’ suggestions for the cultivation of cyber-wisdom. Students will reflect on their own experiences with digital technologies, the challenges inherent in their ubiquitous use in the modern world, and the risks they may pose to the well-being of individuals, communities, and societies. We will also discuss the potential for using digital technologies in ways that promote the common good.

INTG 300-07A Kramer, Kelly

This course will focus on using what you’ve learned about the common good as students at liberal arts colleges, to help you imagine how to become good global citizens in the 21st Century. We’ll focus on questions like: Who are my people? How can I live a good life? Why bother getting involved? Specific topics to be covered to make these issues meaningful as you pull together what you’ve learned from your CSB + SJU education may include: mindfulness, mutual aid, family, global community, diversity, Benedictine ideals, interculturalism, the common good, the land ethic, nonviolent communication, and citizenship.

INTG 300-08A Larkin, Brian

This course will examine the causes and consequences of contemporary Central American Immigration into the US. Students will examine the historical and current factors that have caused Central Americans to move from their homelands to the US. They will also examine the truth of popular accounts of immigration and its impact on the US. Last, they will consider just responses to Central American Immigration.

INTG 300-09A  Miller, Shane


INTG 300-10A  Rodriguez, Terri


INTG 300-12A Callahan, Matt

Storytelling is perhaps the oldest and most universal art form humans have. Unlike playing the oboe or applying oil paint to a canvas, we all participate in the art of storytelling, and we have been doing so since before we could walk or talk. This class will examine how our stories intersect with the stories of others and how this intersection can serve to connect us and move all of us toward a deeper understanding of the world and our place in it.


INTG 300-13A Harkins, Matt

When a musical artist makes an album, what music is included? What binds all the tracks together to make that album unique? By looking for individual and unique threads from their Integrated Portfolio (aka “Their Record”), students will create their own album of academic success from the work they have collected during their time at CSB+SJU. During this time of “album creation,” students will 1) explore how their time here is connected to their time before they got here and the time after they leave; and 2) how they will incorporate their work here into a future responsible and good life.


INTG 300-20A Wright, Charles

Institutions of higher education in the United States have always been meant to serve the common good. But what “is” the common good? How “are” colleges and universities meant to support it? Closer to home, how does the Integrations Curriculum at CSB+SJU fit within this broad purpose for higher education? Students in this class will explore how their experience at CSB+SJU has been shaped by the conceptions of the common good that the institutions hope to serve and by the conception of a liberally educated person that is embedded in the Integrations Curriculum.