Essential Information


Visit your academic advisor to arrange a schedule of classes for next term, and have your advisor give you your PIN # and then write it down for future reference.

If you intend to register for more than 18 credits, you are incurring an overload. Overloads may be attempted only by students in good academic standing, and overloads of 18 or more credits require the student to see the Academic Advising Office.

*  Prior to Registration
Consultation with your faculty advisor is required prior to registration.  (Your primary faculty advisor is listed in Banner Web under Student Records, then Student Information.)  Upon approval of your proposed schedule, your faculty advisor will issue your registration PIN which is required for registration in Banner.  Using Common Curriculum and major/minor requirement information (Degree Works and departmental Websites are excellent sources), develop a class schedule that helps you progress toward your degree.  Identify multiple options for courses that may fill quickly.  Draft your schedule(s) on the Registration Worksheet for review with your faculty advisor.  Follow up with your department chair or Academic Advising as needed.

*  Check for Registration Holds
To be cleared for registration, all students must have settled their accounts with the college, comply with Minnesota immunization regulations and have an approved faculty advisor.  Starting in second semester of the sophomore year, students must also be accepted or conditionally accepted into a major.  Seniors must have completed degree applications.  View registration holds in Banner Web.  Review e-mail records for notices sent about resolving any holds.

*  Normal Course Load
A typical course load includes 16 credits comprised of four 4-credit courses.  Variations may occur due to need for 1, 2, or 3 credit courses in some programs.  Minimum enrollment in 12 credits is required to maintain full-time student ("in-residence") status.  Minnesota students receiving Minnesota State Grant funds must enroll in at least 15 credits to receive the full awarded grant amount.  Maximum enrollment is 18 credits; credits in excess of 18 will require special permission from Academic Advising and will result in credit overload fees.  Only students in good academic standing, with GPA above 2.0, may be approved for credit overload.


First semester students must earn a minimum 1.8 cumulative grade point average to remain in good academic standing. In subsequent semesters, all students are required to maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average for all CSB/SJU coursework. Students who fall below a 2.0 cumulative GPA will be placed on academic probation for the next semester. During the probationary semester, students must raise their cumulative GPA to 2.0 and may take no courses for S/U grading unless the course is offered only on an S/U basis. Students whose cumulative GPA remains below the minimum standards at the end of a Final Probationary semester are subject to dismissal. For more information, see the Official Academic Catalog.


The 5th day of the semester is the last day you may ADD a full-term course to your program, unless the course's first meeting is scheduled after the 5th day. No student may enroll for a full-term course after the first week without the instructor's consent. Banner Web Self Service will be available to add courses through the 5th day of the semester. After the 5th day of the semester, any additions, with the instructor's consent, must be made by filling out a late add request form. This form, in addition to other registration forms, is available on our online forms link:


Students intending to audit a course (earn no credit)are required to complete an Audit Change of Status Form during the first four weeks of class. Auditors are expected to attend all regular classes, but they are not required to take final exams. A student who first enrolls for auditor status may change to credit status only during the first week of class. Courses audited are not included in determining the total credits earned; however, the credit value of any course audited is computed in the assessment of tuition.


The CSB/SJU calendar is subject to modification or interruption due to occurrences such as fire, flood, labor disputes, interruption of utility services, acts of God, civil disorder and war. In the event of such occurrences, the Institutions will attempt to accommodate their students. However, we do not guarantee that courses of instruction, extra curricular activities or other programs or events will be completed or rescheduled. Refunds will be made to eligible students in accordance with College or University policy.


Co-requisites are courses that must be taken during the same semester.


100-299 Lower Division undergraduate courses
300-399 Upper Division undergraduate courses
400-above Open to graduate students


Students may complete out-of-residence courses and transfer them to the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. The college at which the coursework is completed must be accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting agency at the time of enrollment. Courses to be transferred must be similar to courses offered for credit at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. Courses to be transferred must receive a minimum grade of C. Credits received for these courses are translated into semester credits according to the appropriate translation formula. Grades earned for transferred coursework are not calculated into the student's cumulative GPA. Before credit may be transferred, the Registrar's Office must receive an official transcript directly from the college at which the courses were completed.

With advance approval, students may apply these courses towards the common curriculum and/or major requirements. Work taken to complete common curriculum requirements requires prior consultation with and approval of the Registrar's Office or the Academic Advising Office. Work taken to complete major requirements requires prior consultation and approval of the department chair. The department chair needs to sign an Academic Substitution/Exemption Form.

Students who intend to transfer coursework from a foreign college or university must consult the director of international studies before beginning such study. Consult the Office for Education Abroad for further information. Please note that coursework completed through AP, IB or PSEO may not be repeated at CSB/SJU for additional credit. If you choose to enroll in the equivalent course at CSB/SJU then the AP, IB or PSEO credits will be removed from your transcript


If you plan to register for more than 18 credits, you are incurring an overload. The overload tuition fee is billed at $1140 (SJU) or $1146 (CSB) per credit over 18. BANNER Web Self Service registration system will not allow you to register for more than 18 credits.


Advisors will have access to Degree Works advising aid through BANNER Web Self Service for Faculty. Please make an appointment to meet with your advisor early to review your academic progress and select your Spring coursework. Remember, all students MUST see their advisor to receive their Registration PIN #.


  • September 2: Last day to add/drop a course using BANNER Web Self Service. After this date students must fill out a late add request form which is available at:
  • September 23: Last day to receive a permanent drop on your schedule
  • November 16: Last day to receive a "W" on your transcript. If you withdraw after this date, your instructor will assign you an "F" at the end of the semester if appropriate.

For courses scheduled for less than a full term, withdrawal during the first third of the course will result in no record entry; during the second third, a "W" entry; during the final third, a failure if appropriate.

Students who fail to properly drop or withdraw from a course may be subject to a failing grade if appropriate.


In exceptional circumstances students may petition for exemption/substitution from specific academic regulations. Forms for requesting an exemption/substitution are available on the Registrar's Office website: Department chairs are the approving officials for exemptions/substitutions from requirements within majors and minors. Exemptions/substitutions from academic regulations beyond major and minor fields require the approval of the Assistant Academic Dean. Requests for these non-departmental exemptions/substitutions should be directed to the Academic Advising Offices. The guiding principle in considering requests for any exemption/substitution is fidelity to the academic standards of the colleges.



  • 124 credit hours. 45 of these must be taken at CSB/SJU
    First year students entering Fall 2016 must earn 76 credits at CSB/SJU
  • 40 of the total credit hours must be upper division (300 level)
  • 2.0 minimum cumulative GPA (unless a specific major requires a higher average)
  • 2.0 minimum GPA major and/or supporting courses (unless a specific major requires a higher average)
  • Completed Common Curriculum requirements
  • Acceptance to a major (usually at the completion of sophomore year)
  • Requirements for a major or minor (half of the courses for a major or minor must be completed at CSB/SJU)
  • Candidates for a degree must normally be in residence for the two semesters preceding commencement


All financial, academic, student accounts & health center holds must be cleared before registering for classes.


The policy concerning the temporary grade Incomplete (I) includes the following points:

  • When circumstances warrant, instructors may allow some delay in the completion of course work. Such extensions shall not extend beyond the close of the following regular (fall or spring) semester, and earlier limits may be set at the discretion of the instructor.
  • The instructor must report on the official grade roster the grade "I" followed by the minimum grade the student will receive if the course work is not complete by the end of the following semester (e.g., IF, or IC, or IB). That grade will be used in the computation of grade point averages until the Incomplete is removed.
  • If by the end of the following semester the instructor reports a single final grade to the Registrar, that grade will replace the I/GRADE, the Incomplete will be removed, and averages recomputed accordingly. Otherwise the provisional grade that was assigned with the "I" will become a permanent part of the transcript.
  • Exceptions to the above may be granted only by the written permission of the Assistant Academic Dean. Such exceptions will ordinarily be granted only in cases of medical disability or problems of comparable seriousness.

Degree candidates are cautioned that failure to have all degree requirements satisfied (including removal of Incomplete grades in courses needed for graduation) by March 15th may result in postponement of their graduation.


You must register for a minimum of 15 credits each semester to receive a Minnesota Grant at the full-time student rate. Students who register for 12-14 credits may still receive a Minnesota Grant but the award amount will be substantially reduced. Please direct any questions to the Financial Aid Office at CSB or SJU. (For all other aid programs, 12 credits is still considered full-time.)


The Registrar's Office will use electronic mail as the most expeditious means of communicating with you. Make sure you are not blocking messages from the Registrar's Office in order to receive important notices regarding graduation, cancellation of courses, etc. Please make sure you are subscribed to "Official Announcements-Students" distribution list. You can check which lists you are subscribed to by logging in to distribution lists management:

If you are not subscribed to this list and are unable to add it through the "subscribe" link, please contact the help desk: to be added back in.


Before attempting to register for courses listed as "Permission of Instructor or Department", students must obtain written permission by completing the online request form:


Check the course listings section of this class schedule to find out if a class has a prerequisite. Make sure you have met all prerequisites before attempting to register for a course. If you have not taken the prerequisite, you must contact the department to seek written approval to register for the course by completing the online request form:


A course that has been failed may be repeated for credit. Courses that have been passed may not be repeated for credit. They may, however, be repeated for additional honor points. The original grade is not removed when the course is repeated and credit for a course can be earned only once. The higher grade is computed in the GPA. If you are registering for a course that you are repeating you MUST notify the Registrar's Office. Repeating a course in which a passing grade has already been earned may have financial aid implications. See Financial Aid Office for additional information.

Please note that coursework completed through AP, IB or PSEO may not be repeated at CSB/SJU for additional credit. If you choose to enroll in the equivalent course at CSB/SJU then the AP, IB or PSEO credits will be removed from your transcript.


Students registering for student teaching (EDUC 360, 361, 362, 363) in their 9th (or greater) semester as a full-time student at CSB/SJU will be billed at ½ the regular tuition rate for that semester. These students will also not be charged the student activity fee, technology fee, and campus center fee for that semester. Institutional gift aid (scholarships/grants) will not be available to these students.


CSB and SJU offer a number of group overseas study programs. Students who plan to enroll in one of these programs should contact the Office of Education Abroad, ASB 104 at CSB. Students who are considering enrolling in coursework offered abroad by another institution (Consortium/External Study Abroad) should contact the International Education Office or the Registrar's Office, for information on transfer of credits. Students who register for SA 372, Consortium/External Study Abroad, will be billed a $300 fee.

Seniors must ordinarily be in residence for the two semesters immediately preceding commencement (graduation). "In residence" is defined as enrollment as a full-time student at CSB/SJU for a minimum of 12 credits per semester. Any student wishing to register for a External Study Abroad Consortium during one of their two last semesters of their Senior year must receive approval from the Academic Advising Office. Seniors will not be allowed to register for a year long External Study Abroad Consortium.


Arrangements for this non-honor point grading option should be made with your professor at the beginning of the course. Remember that undergraduates are limited in the number and types of courses they may take for the grade S (Satisfactory). See the Catalog for specific rules. First-year students may not take the S/U option except for a course with only S/U grades available. The grade S, once turned in by the instructor, is NOT SUBJECT TO LATER CHANGE.

Grading options are listed in the Class Schedule as either A-F grading only or S-U grading only. If neither of these is listed, the instructor will permit eligible students to choose either option by the date the instructor specifies at the beginning of the course. Once you have chosen, you may not request that the S/U be changed to an honor point grade.

If coursework grades average below a C under the S/U option, the grade U (Unsatisfactory) will be given with no credit earned.


The College of Saint Benedict, Saint John's University, and Saint Cloud State University have an agreement that encourages regular full-time undergraduate students to take courses on any of the three campuses. Registration is limited to fall and spring semesters. If a course seems suitable for your program of studies, see your advisor for permission to register and then complete the online application form which is available on the Registrar's Office website: prior to August 19th. If space is available, the course will be added to your Spring Student Detail Schedule.

CSB/SJU students will be billed tuition and other fees at CSB/SJU rates. If a student is not registered for more than 18 total credits, there will ordinarily be no additional charge. For credits over 18, an additional tuition charge of $1014 (SJU) or $1027 (CSB), will be made for each additional semester credit hour. (See Credit Overload)

If you have any questions about Tri-College Exchange and the suitability of SCSU courses toward your degree program, see Jane Stromme in the Registrar's Office, QUAD 163.


Current students may request an unofficial copy of their transcript at no charge from the Registrar's Office. Official transcript requests must be submitted in writing to the Registrar's Office and may be picked up at the Registrar's Office (or we can mail them for you) 3 working days after the request is made, except during the first and last week of each term. You may complete the online request form:

Former students may request a transcript copy for $5.00 per transcript. The fee for faxing a transcript will be $5.00 per transcript. If the transcript is faxed outside the U.S. the fee will be a minimum of $5.00. All transcript requests must be submitted in writing via mail or fax and payment must accompany the order. Students may also request a transcript online through the National Student Clearinghouse:

SJU students:

CSB students:

There is an additional fee for the online request.


If a course is listed with a range of credits (variable), you must enter the appropriate credit amount desired when you register for the course. The credit amount you are registered for may impact your status as a full-time student or your financial aid.


Online verifications are available on Banner Web Self Service. Once you are logged in to Banner:

  • Click on Student Services
  • Click on Student Records and Account Information
  • Click on Enrollment Verification
  • Select a term
  • Enter Policy number, if necessary

The Registrar's Office can also provide verification of your enrollment at the College of Saint Benedict or Saint John's University, as well as other information, such as graduation date, majors, full-time status, etc.

Any request to release GPA information must be in writing with your signature authorizing the release of this information


Complete withdrawal from all of your courses during the term must be initiated with your Residential Director at CSB, Mary Commons 221 or the Residential Life Office, Sexton 127 at SJU. If you withdraw by September 23rd, no official record of your registration for that term will be made. If you withdraw between September 24th and November 16th, the mark "W" will appear behind that term's courses on your transcript. If you withdraw after November 16th, all courses for that term will be followed by the grade of "F". If you decide to withdraw after the term ends, you MUST notify the office mentioned above.