Degree Application

Degree Application Form

STEP 1: Confirm you have been accepted to at least one major

Confirm that you have been accepted to at least one major

  • Verify in Degree Works under Degree in Bachelor of Arts (or Science) the 2 nd box should be checked as Accepted to a Major
  • If this is not checked, you will need to complete an Acceptance to Major form and have it approved by the Department Chair

STEP 2: Review your completed degree requirements on Degree Works

  • Review your Common Curriculum requirements   
  • If you believe anything is listed incorrectly, please email the Registrar's Office.
  • Review your fulfilled requirements for your declared Major(s)/ Minor(s).
  • If a major or minor is not showing up on Degree Works it will be added when you turn in your Degree Application
  • Any deviation from the major/minor requirements listed on Degree Works must be document on a substitution form and approved by the department chair
    Please Note:  Substitutions for in-progress coursework not yet taken will not show up on Degree Works.

STEP 3: Degree Application

Complete the Degree Application form