Acceptance to Major

Acceptance to a major is a process that takes place during the spring semester of sophomore year.

  • A student must submit an Acceptance to Major Request Form for each major they intend to complete
  • Once submitted the request reviewed by the department chair
  • Outcomes of Acceptance to Major
    • Accepted - officially accepted into the major program
    • Accepted with conditions - acceptance into major program is pending the completion of indicated conditions
    • Rejected at this time - you may reapply at a later date for reconsideration
    • Rejected
  • Failure to complete this process may result in a hold on your account for class registration

See also Academic Catalog: Acceptance to Major Study Field

Proposal for Individualizing a Traditional Major

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does accepted with conditions mean?

The Department Chair will indicate on the Acceptance to Major form if a student has specific requirements to meet before the student can be fully accepted into a particular major. The student is responsible to meet the conditions noted by the department chair by the specific time frame. Once the conditions are met, the student will be accepted into the major.

What do I do if my request for acceptance to a major is rejected?

If the Department Chair has rejected a student’s acceptance into a specific major, the student should reach out to the Department Chair and/or Academic Advising to pursue other options.