Banner Login information

Instructions for Banner Web Self Service Online Registration            

Go to the CSB/SJU homepage

Click on "Tools" and then on  "Banner Web Self Service"
Click on Enter Secure Area (CSB Students) or Enter Secure Area (SJU Students)
Enter Banner ID Number (from your ID card)
Enter WSC


Click on Student Services
Click on Student Records & Account Information
Click on Registration
Click on Add/Drop Classes
Click Submit where Spring 2013 displays
Enter Registration PIN number
Click Submit
Enter CRN numbers for courses
Click Submit Changes

To Drop a course go to Action Box - click pull down arrow and select Permanent Drop
Click Submit Changes

To change the credits on a Variable Credit Course:
Click on Change Class Options
Scroll down to course with variable credit
Enter new credit hours
Click Submit Changes

 To Add additional courses go back and enter CRN numbers

 Link for Textbook Information: