Spring 2017 Important Dates

November 1-11

Spring Term 2017 Class Registration

November 14

Drop/Add for Spring 2017 begins

January 13

Students who fail to settle spring accounts by this date risk cancellation of registration

January 16

Spring Term opens

January 20

Last day to ADD a full-term course

February 9

Mod B begins - Mod dates & deadlines

February 10

Last day to DROP from any COURSE WITHOUT a transcript entry (PERM DROP)

March 3

Classes end at 6:00 pm for the Spring Break

March 6-10

Spring Break

March 13

Classes resume at 8:00 am

March 13

First year student midterm grades due from all instructors by 8:00 am

March 14

Mod C begins - Mod dates & deadlines

March 30-April 7

Fall Term 2017 Registration

April 7

Mod D begins - Mod dates & deadlines

April 10

Last day to WITHDRAW from a full-term course with a GRADE OF 'W'

April 13

Classes end at 6:00 pm for the Easter Recess

April 14-17

Easter Recess

April 18

Classes resume at 8:00 am

April 27

Scholarship & Creativity Day - Night classes will be held

May 5

Spring Term 2017 classes end

May 8

Study Day

May 9-12

Final Exams - Final Exams Schedule

May 13

Commencement for College of Saint Benedict (attendance required)

May 14

Commencement for Saint John's University (attendance required)

May 19

Spring Term 2017 final grades due from all instructors by 8:00 am

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