Political Science

Make a difference on a
level with our political science program.

Politics matter on a local, national and international level. Our students know that, and they know they can make a difference through politics.

Some of our students make this difference by working in public policy, some pursue law degrees, and others immerse themselves in international relations.


Why Study Political Science at CSB+SJU?

  • Recent CSB and SJU political science graduates have attended Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, Duke Law School, University of California-Berkeley, New York University Law School, University of Michigan Law School, University of Minnesota Law School, University of Notre Dame Law School, Georgetown University Law Center, as well as many others.
  • Our Mock Trial team is very active and has landed in the top 20 in the National Championship Tournament several times in recent years.
  • The Washington D.C. Summer Study program takes students to Washington, D.C. for a ten-week, four-credit internship working in various governmental organizations (including Congress).

Program Overview

  • Our program begins with important groundwork in U.S. politics, international relations, political theory, and political life.
  • It continues with higher level courses in political institutions, public policy, law and courts, and comparative politics.
  • It is completed during the senior research seminar, a project that will incorporate all the student has learned over the course of study.

Hands-on Learning

Internships, Scholarships, Student Government, Clubs

Student Resources

Life as a Political Science Major

Preparing Students to Make a Difference

Learning Outcomes
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Dr. Whitney Court
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