Physics helps us understand the world around us at its most fundamental level.

Lab work is central to everything we do. If you decide to pursue a degree with us, you will spend valuable time in our labs. In addition to the required research project during your final year, our system will expose you to lab work with most of our faculty at some point during your studies.


Program Overview
Why Study Physics at CSB+SJU?

  • Students get training in many areas of research because our faculty members specialize in cutting edge areas of physics.
  • Students work closely with faculty in their senior-year thesis project.
The physics major features:
  • An optional concentration in engineering physics which enables students to learn basic engineering concepts and apply them to practical problems. 
  • Courses in astrophysics, optics, relativity, scientific computer programming and space physics.
  • High-end computer workstations for large numerical calculations and visualization problems.

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