Challenge Course

The SJU Challenge Course consists of many tasks that participating groups work to accomplish together. The course emphasizes the need for cooperation, communication and teamwork. It provides an opportunity for individuals to examine their leadership styles and roles within a group. The events require varying degrees of physical activity and ability but most groups are able to successfully complete all challenges presented. Just let yourself go, use your imagination, and have a great time!

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students on whale watch

Please respect the beautiful, natural environment that the course is set in and leave nothing but your footprints behind.


The Saint John's University Challenge Course is a free service for the CSB/SJU community. Please contact us for prices for outside groups.

Use the Challenge Course Request Form to schedule your session. Contact or Lucas Wade (320) 363-2136 with questions.

Other Information
  • You should allot at least 2-4 hours to complete the course. (Contact us with any time concerns)
  • The course is normally available from April through November.
  • The Peer Resource Program also provides backpack initiatives that can be completed by groups indoors through the winter months or when weather conditions are not ideal for the outdoor challenge course.