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The Peer Resource Program (PRP) seeks to enhance the personal development of the CSB/SJU community through sponsoring wilderness trips, challenge courses and on campus events.

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PRP Mission

The Peer Resource Program (PRP) is a student outreach organization that facilitates personal growth, trust and creativity of its participants through healthy risk taking.


The Peer Resource Program seeks to give CSB/SJU students positive, substance-free opportunities to step outside of their comfort zone. This is facilitated by fellow student PRP members who are dedicated to creating an environment which promotes healthy risk-taking. These experiences are aimed towards personal growth, trust, wellness, communication, and group development.  

These experiences take the form of the three PRP pillars: on-campus events, wilderness trips, and challenge courses.  

Become a PRP!

Applications will be available for First-Years and Sophomores mid-year.

PRP Member Gary Harala '19