Bonfires and Camping at Saint John's


Requesting firewood and approval for your fire less than 7 days in advance of your event may result in the inability to fulfill your request.

Bonfire/Camping Request Form

  • If you plan to have more than 100 people, or if the event includes alcohol you need to meet with Life Safety for approval BEFORE you complete the request form.
  • Check the CSB/SJU Events Calendar for any current Watab reservations to help you select a date for your event. Click on the Outdoor U calendars to see all Watab reservations and Outdoor U events.
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: You MUST have the ability to pay up to $425 for your fire. Credit cards are accepted for those who do NOT have a CSB/SJU department/club budget number. FOR FIRE REQUESTS ONLY. Student ID numbers are not valid account numbers.

Cost for firewood at Watab Picnic Grounds is $25. A $300 charge will also be made to that account if the Fire Department is called to control or extinguish the fire. A $25 fee will be charged if the wood storage key is not returned to SJU Life Safety on time, $100 if the key is lost.

Approval Process

  • COMPLETE the Camping/Bonfire Request Form. Requests received less than 7 days prior to your event may not be able to be fulfilled.
  • RECEIVE an email confirmation from Outdoor U tentatively approving your request.
  • RECEIVE an email confirmation from SJU Life Safety approving your request.
  • RECEIVE an email confirmation from the Fire Department for final approval of your event and your burning permit. FOR FIRE REQUESTS ONLY. SAVE THIS EMAIL.
  • PRINT AND BRING a copy of the email from the Fire Department to your event. FOR FIRE REQUESTS ONLY.
  • PICK UP THE KEY for the wood storage locker from SJU Life Safety (Tommy Hall basement) after NOON on the day of your event. FOR WATAB LOCATION ONLY.
  • RETURN THE KEY to Life Safety by 10 a.m. the day after your event. FOR WATAB LOCATION ONLY.

Cancelling your event.

In the event that you need to to cancel or postpone your event, due to inclement weather or otherwise, you MUST do the following to avoid being charged $25 for firewood:

  • REPLY TO ALL by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the event on the email you saved from the Fire Department to be sure all interested parties are made aware of the cancellation.

Extinguish your fire!

Please be responsible! You WILL BE CHARGED $300 if the Fire Department is called to control or extinguish your fire. This includes embers and coals of any size that remain after you leave the fire. Follow these guidelines to completely extinguish your fire before you leave.