Our nursing program means
inclusivity|helping others|immersive experiences|leadership.

Nursing is a rewarding profession focused on helping others. A career path in nursing offers a wide variety of choices in many different practice areas. Nursing provides opportunities to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and communities every day.

Why Study Nursing at CSB+SJU?

When you study nursing at CSB and SJU, you will use state-of-the-art technology as you participate in learning experiences that will prepare you for a career in healthcare. The nursing curriculum has a strong emphasis on leadership, diversity, evidence-based practice, and the provision of quality and safe nursing care. Clinical and classroom experiences in these areas will support your success in a wide range of practice settings.

As part of the nursing curriculum, all nursing students complete a cultural immersion experience either locally or internationally. Examples of international experiences that students have participated in include Belize, Saint Lucia, and Peru.


Program Overview

The nursing program at CSB and SJU prepares its students for a meaningful career in the healthcare industry. CSB and SJU is well-known for its distinctive nursing program that strives for excellence in the areas of professionalism, quality, innovation, and leadership. Every nursing course integrates liberal learning concepts with Catholic and Benedictine traditions and values. As a senior nursing student at CSB and SJU, you will participate in a clinical and leadership intensive capstone that provides an excellent platform for entry to practice.

In addition to our formal curriculum, students have many opportunities to engage in leadership and service experiences. The Nursing Club provides students with opportunities such as volunteering, a mentorship program, and networking. CSB and SJU’s Nursing Department is also active in Sigma, a renowned nursing honor society emphasizing leadership and scholarship.


Direct Admission Program

CSB and SJU provide the opportunity for direct admission into our nursing major for new students who meet the qualifications at the time of application! Applying early to CSB and SJU is strongly encouraged, as there are a limited number of direct admission offers made each year.


Meet the Profs

Experienced both in practice and education.


Hands-on Learning

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