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January 4, 2016

CSB/SJU has launched a new responsive website designed to work seamlessly across multiple devices. The site incorporates a "mobile-first" philosophy in its design — meaning the templates were created with mobile phones in mind first and then expanded out to fill larger screens.

The updated look emphasizes large format photographs which illustrate the student experience at CSB/SJU and allow us to highlight programs, students and alums in new and creative ways.

Additionally, we have moved some of the key links our site visitors are looking for up into the global navigation at the top of each page to make it easier for visitors to navigate through the site.  For instance, the "Gateway Links" that were previously only on the lower left side of the home page are now on every page under the global link titled "Info For."  Web visitors will also find the link for the Events Calendar in the global navigation at the top of each page on the site.

Lastly, our easy to use and popular links such as A-Z Index, Search and Tools are still in the global navigation as well.  And the Directory link —which provides contact information for all the faculty and staff at CSB/SJU —has been added to the Tools menu.