Student Nominees Announced

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March 24, 1998

Twelve students from the College of Saint Benedict have been nominated for the Student Employee of the Year:

Kathleen Borgerding, daughter of Ralph and Arlis Borgerding of 41452 Co. Rd. 125, Sauk Centre, Minn, is employed as an assistant groundskeeper for the CSB grounds crew and is a senior liberal studies major. As assistant groundskeeper, Borgerding has the responsibilities of working with heavy equipment, constructing landscaping design, snow removal, garbage collecting, weed control, fertilization of trees, shrubs and lawns, along with many other activities dealing with campus upkeep.

"As a member of the CSB grounds crew, I have learned so many different skills and discovered new ideas that have shaped me into the person I am," said Borgerding. "I have and will take these skills and ideas with me to better myself academically and personally, as well as professionally."

"Having Katie around has helped us immensely and has done our college a lot of good as well," said Dick Randall, head groundskeeper. "I guess this is what being an outstanding student employee is all about."

Anne Farrell, daughter of Bob Farrell of Glasgow, Mont. and Shirley Farrell of Billings, Mont., is employed as an accounting assistant for the Haehn Campus Center (HCC) and is a sophomore accounting major. As an accounting assistant, Farrell manages accounting for the HCC Information Desk, HCC Administration and Events and Scheduling. Her duties entail reconciling daily funds from the Information Desk, making weekly deposits, managing the cash flow, processing bills weekly, reconciling and balancing all of the HCC accounts, and printing reports. She is responsible each day to ensure that the financial operations of the HCC are running smoothly.

"I do not even know if I could describe all of the ways that this position has and will influence my professional, personal and academic growth," said Farrell. "For my academic growth, it has secured in my mind that I am in the right major. Thanks to the position, I now know that my strengths and interest do lie in accounting and I will pursue a major and a career in it. Finally, I will also be leaving Saint Ben's with great confidence in my abilities and knowledge of accounting that I would have otherwise lacked not holding this position."

"Anne is only a sophomore who has the maturity, skills and abilities that can be admired by individuals of all ages," said Elisa Schneider, HCC office manager. "She is a role model of loyalty, compassion and concern, professionalism and spirit to all whom she comes into contact with each day."

Joanna Hoffmann, daughter of Anthony and Joyce Hoffmann of R.R. 1, Box 79, Sleepy Eye, Minn., is employed as a telecommunications student supervisor for the Admission Office and is a senior accounting major. As telecommunications student supervisor, Hoffmann supervises other telecommunication assistants, prepares callers packets, creates the work schedule, opens and closes the office, and records and documents all call numbers.

"Being a supervisor of college students is not an easy task," said Jonathan Ruis, CSB/Saint John's University admission counselor. "However, Joanna has made my job much easier and taken away many of the worries. She does all this while being a college student herself and having to supervise many students her own age. I could not ask her to do a better job nor could I do this job without her."

Raina Johnson, daughter of Keith and Karen Johnson of 109 Hays Cir., Silver Bay, Minn., is employed as a library assistant at Clemens Library, CSB, and is a senior mathematics major. As library assistant, Johnson is responsible for assisting three full-time staff members with a wide range of office duties, data entry, interpretation of faculty reserve requests, and all library functions and activities associated with the Circulation Information Desk. She also planned and implemented three Student Employee Orientations and recently completed the compiling, editing and typing of a Circulation Student Employee Handbook used in training other student employees.

"Through my work, I have become a stronger person and more confident in my abilities to learn new tasks and adapt to new working environments," said Johnson. "These are skills that are transferable to professional settings as well as both personal and academic settings."

"Raina has an amazing ability to balance, prioritize, and manage all the challenges, stress, and opportunities college life dishes out," said Bonnie Kalla, joint circulation manager, Clemens/Alcuin Libraries. "She is always on time, fills in whenever we need her, works 40 hours a week during the summers and continuously gives 110 percent."

Kristin Koos, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Koos of 300 4th St. N.W., Avon, Minn., is employed as an assistant cashier/office assistant for the Student Accounts Office and is a senior natural science major. As assistant cashier/office assistant, Koos is responsible for assisting students, parents, faculty and staff with their billing and personal accounts, checks for payroll, budget disbursements, cashed checks and credits on account, along with many other office activities.

"My position has helped me develop several skills and abilities including human relations and communications skills along with the ability to trouble shoot and train others," said Koos. "My position in the Student Accounts Office has proven to be invaluable for me."

"Kristin has demonstrated her many talents and abilities as an exceptional student employee by continually going above and beyond what is expected of her during the four years she has been employed in the Student Accounts Office," said Mary Johnson, CSB Student Accounts Office. "She is a very conscientious and reliable worker who takes the initiative to complete various projects accurately."

Justine Martin, daughter of James and Suzanne Martin of 94 Co. Rd. 1 N.W., Evansville, Minn., is employed as a media technician for CSB media and is a junior at CSB. As a media technician, Martin keeps the media hardware inventory up to date, sets up machines in other buildings for outside and classroom use, and is responsible for other office duties.

"My work position has taught me that I have to be reliable and accurate because I could create a chaotic situation for faculty and students if I did not do my job properly," said Martin.

"Justine worked for me last summer," said S. Helen Weber. "It was at this time I found out that she was exceptionally talented and reliable. She is very professional in her choice of words with faculty, staff and students."

Missy Petersen, daughter of Steve and Vicky Petersen of 827 9th Ave. N., Sartell, Minn., is employed by the Human Resource Office and is a senior dietetics major. Peterson has the responsibility of assisting the human resources assistant with office coordination and projects assigned. She also helps the payroll administrator on a regular basis with timecards and assists other employees in the Business Office when needed.

"Working in the Human Resources Office has been one of my most positive experiences while attending CSB," said Peterson. "Over the past three-and-a-half years, I have learned valuable skills and have worked with many wonderful people. As a student worker, I have learned the importance of customer service, confidentiality and responsibility."

"Missy is a diligent and very conscientious person in conducting the day to day activities of a busy, hectic work schedule," said Marlene Winters, CSB human resource assistant. "Her work ethic is always excellent with a positive attitude and she always sets very high standards for that work ethic."

Dorothy Rynda, daughter of Lloyd and Geraldine Rynda of 205 Inner Circle Drive, Montgomery, Minn., is employed as an office assistant for the nursing department and is a senior economics major. As an office assistant, Rynda assists the office manager in various duties including word processing, answering phones, making appointments, completing projects and duplicating.

"During my four years of employment in the nursing department, I have grown both personally and professionally," said Rynda. "Professionally, I was required to set high customer service standards for myself, utilizing written and communication skills, along with handling and successfully completing multiple priorities. Personally, I was taught to effectively utilize my time between academics, employment, and other various organizations in which I am involved."

"Dorothy is reliable in her position," said Carol Johannes, nursing department office manager. "She has a wonderful work ethic and an accompanying great attitude. She is a true team player and came through for the department when we needed her most."

Angie Schmalzer, daughter of Mark and LaVonne Schmalzer of R.R. 3, Box 312, Fergus Falls, Minn., is employed as a student office supervisor for the CSB Food Service Department and is a senior management major. As a student supervisor, Schmalzer trains, evaluates, schedules and manages other office student employees. She also assists all office and management staff with projects.

"I have enjoyed greatly my past four years working in the CSB Food Service Department," said Schmalzer. "This job has taught me many different ways that I can use my management major in future employment positions. I hope to leave this position full of knowledge of how to help, share and be a part of a working team."

"One of the characteristics we most appreciate about Angie is her pleasant attitude and personality," said Terri Weyer, CSB Food Service Department service manager. "We enjoy her optimism, enthusiasm and her sense of humor. She never compromises her professionalism and is dedicated to excellence in all her endeavors."

Deanne Siverson, daughter of Gary and Sue Siverson of 1527 North Rd., Duluth, Minn., is employed as an office worker for the CSB Athletics/Physical Education/Intramurals Department and is a senior elementary education major. As an Athletics/Physical Education/Intramurals Department office worker, Siverson is responsible for a variety of activities from clerical work to home event support.

"Due to the environment and nature of this office, all of my work requires me to be a social person and communicate with the staff and other student employees," said Siverson. "I have learned the skills that enable me to approach the staff for professional and work-related questions. These are valuable skills I will take with me."

"What Deanne has done for the Athletics/Physical Education/Intramurals Department goes far beyond her role as an office worker," said Lori Runksmeier, CSB athletics office manager. "She is a leader in an after-school swim program for elementary school children. She is the driving force behind a student-athlete sponsored outreach to community children called 'Blazer Buddies.' I believe her participation and leadership in all these activities shows her drive to contribute to the mission of our department."

Trista Ann Vucetich, daughter of Tom and Jana Vucetich of 2912 2nd Ave. E., Hibbing, Minn., is employed as an office assistant and aerobics instructor for the CSB Physical Education/Intramurals Department and is a senior communication major. As an office assistant, Vucetich is responsible for a variety of clerical duties. As an aerobics instructor, Vucetich instructs aerobics classes and assists in the training of new instructors. She also coordinates projects as needed such as awareness brochures and videos on health and wellness information. She has also helped out staffing the intramural desk as needed.

"My education at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University would not have been nearly as fulfilling or complete had it not been for my employment in the Physical Education/Intramurals Department," said Vucetich. "My positions as an office assistant and aerobics instructor have fostered many positive experiences and lessons that I will carry with me long after I graduate this May."

"I have found Trista to be a bright, dedicated and responsible staff member," said Marcia Hilbert, CSB director of intramurals. "The quality of Trista's work is insurmountable. She always goes the extra mile and performs professionally and in a quality manner. "

Nadine Wetzel, daughter of Barbara Wetzel of Rt. 3, Box 113, Pine City, Minn., is employed as an assistant groundskeeper for the CSB grounds crew and is a senior social science major. As assistant groundskeeper, Wetzel has the responsibilities of working with heavy equipment, constructing landscaping design, snow removal, garbage collecting, weed control, fertilization of trees, shrubs and lawns, along with many other activities dealing with campus upkeep.

"Working on the grounds crew has influenced my academic, personal and professional life in many ways," said Wetzel. "More than anything, I have come to recognize how these aspects of my life are connected. I have learned that study, play and work can be intertwined if one is blessed with a job they love."

"Nadine is a very energetic individual that has kept morale in our department at a real high," said Dick Randall, head groundskeeper. "She is a real self-starter with an equally pleasant personality. She is a great asset to our department. "

The winner will be announced at the annual Student Employee Banquet on April 16.