Noteworthy Spring 2016

"Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles: The Enigma of Francis Crawford" by Scott Richardson, professor of classics, is now available.

Axel Theimer, professor of music, received the Saint Gregory Award from the St. John's Boys' Choir.

"Vatican I & Vatican II: Councils in the Living Tradition" by Kristin Colberg, assistant professor of theology, is now available.

Ellen Block, assistant professor of sociology, is published in the latest issue of Anthropological Quarterly (Volume 89, #1 - Winter 2016) "The AIDS House: Orphan Care and the Changing Household in Lesotho"

"Christian Practical Wisdom: What It Is, Why It Matters" by Kathleen Cahalan, Dorothy Bass, Bonnie Miller-McLemore, James Nieman and Christian Scharen, is now available. Cahalan is professor of theology in Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary.

"Through My Eyes" illustrated by Jill Dubbeldee Kuhn, Fine Arts Programming gallery manager, is now available.

Mike Heroux, scientist-in-residence, who also works full-time at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico has recently been appointed to senior scientist at Sandia.

A new, revised edition of "Youth Ministry" by Jeffrey Kaster, director of Youth in Theology and Ministry program for Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary and adjunct professor of theology, is now available.

"Water Shaping Stone: Faith, Relationships, and Conscience Formation" by Kathryn Lilla Cox, associate professor of theology, is now available.

"Gender in Hispanic Literature and Visual Arts" edited and with contributions by Tania Gomez, Patricia Bolanos-Fabres and Christina Mougoyanni Hennessy is now available. Bolanos-Fabres and Hennessy are associate professors of Hispanic studies and gender studies. Gomez is associate professor of Hispanic studies.