Noteworthy Fall 2016

Fr. Mark Thamert, OSB, associate professor of German, translated from German to English the book The Rule of Benedict: An Invitation to the Christian Life by Georg Holzherr, OSB.

Charles Bobertz, professor of theology; and Bernie Evans, professor emeritus of theology, contributed essays in the book A Liturgical Companion to the Documents of the Second Vatican Council.

Derek Larson, professor of history and environmental studies, is author of the book Keeping Oregon Green: Livability, Stewardship, and the Challenges of Growth, 1960-1980.

Richard Wielkiewicz, professor of psychology, published an article titled "Myopia Is an Adaptive Characteristic of Vision: Not a Disease or Defect" in the Review of General Psychology.

Charles Bobertz, professor of theology, is author of the book The Gospel of Mark: A Liturgical Reading.

LuAnn Reif, professor of nursing, received the Minnesota Commissioner's Award for Distinguished Service in Community Health Services for her dedication to advancing the field of public health and the public health workforce.

Ellen Block, assistant professor of anthropology, and a colleague published an article titled "Relatedness and care in Southern Africa and beyond" in the Journal of Social Dynamics.

Claudia Rankine, whose highly regarded book Citizen received the 2014 Sister Mariella Gable award from the Literary Arts Institute, has been awarded a MacArthur Foundation "Genius" Fellowship. She was in residence at CSB in January 2015.

Kyhl Lyndgaard, director of First Year Seminar and Writing Center, is author of the book Captivity Literature and the Environment: Nineteenth-Century American Cross-Cultural Collaborations.

Rodger Narloch, professor of psychology, and a colleague published an article titled, "Benefits outweigh the costs when including service learning in psychology courses" in the APA Psychology Teacher Network.

Chris Schaller, professor of chemistry, gave a presentation titled, "Foundations of a New Curriculum" at Emory University as part of the fall seminar series in the Department of Chemistry.

Warren Bostrom, associate professor of accounting and finance, is author of the book "A Legacy Unrivaled: The Story of John Gagliardi."

Diane Calabria, associate director of external grants, recently passed the Grant Professional Certification examination, which measures a candidate's competency and skill in the grants profession.

CSB/SJU Libraries are excited to announce online access to The Wall Street Journal is now available. Each student, faculty and staff member now has a complimentary subscription to and WSJ mobile apps. This access is made possible through a generous donation of James L. Tuohy and The Tuohy Family Fund.

Kathleen Cahalan, professor of theology in Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary, and Douglas Schuurman are editors of the book "Calling in Today's World: Voices From Eight Faith Perspectives."